Intune goes to the Cloud

Ed Baker takes a look at Intune’s move to the cloud and what it means for Silverlight, as well as what’s happened since his previous article in January.

How we are actually moving to the cloud

Cloud Adoption
Cloud Adoption

The recent opening of two UK Azure data centre regions has meant more organisations are asking when and how they should be adopting cloud services. However and whenever an organisation decides to adopt cloud services, it soon learns that each format of cloud service is adopted in a different way.

How Windows 10 will change your workplace

Bold claim indeed. But let us just examine what will be arriving in a couple of days, when Microsoft releases Windows 10 into the wild world outside the rarefied existence of the Windows Insider Programme. Windows 10 has been in Preview with over 5 million insiders for many months and each ‘flight’ has introduced more…

Is the cloud the right tool for your business & how do you know?

Alan Richards has been working in IT for over 17 years and during that time has been at the forefront of using IT. He has led teams that have been among the first to roll out Windows, Exchange and SharePoint. Alan is currently Senior Consultant with Foundation SP, a SharePoint services and delivery company. He's…

Edge Show 115: Azure AD Connect

In this episode of the Edge show I interview Jen Field from the Azure AD Fabric team and get her to walk me through the new Azure AD connect tool that helps you quickly link your on-prem AD to Azure AD. The tool will even deploy the server roles you need…(read more)