Video: Explanation of Pop-up Labs in the Cloud

Devs, IT Pros, Architects, Marketeers, Salespeople, Business-oriented people – they are all rapidly becoming part of the pop-up lab phenomenon. Until now it was very difficult for private individuals with an interest (whether casual or professional) in large-scale IT, to build large IT labs – the capital expenditure was too large. Attempts through the use…


Save the Date: TechEd Europe 2013 Registration opens 12 February

TechEd is Microsoft’s premiere conference for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers, offering the most comprehensive technical education across Microsoft’s products, solutions, tools, and services. We are pleased to announce that registration for TechEd North America and TechEd Europe will go live next week on Tuesday, February 12th.             TechEd North America                          TechEd Europe             June…


Events: IT Camps for the start of 2013 – Register Now

A few of you have been asking what IT Camps still have spaces, here’s the list of Windows 8 Camps that have spaces.  We don’t have any spaces on the Windows Server 2012 Camps at the moment or the Windows Azure IT Pro Camps. 12th Feb 2013 – Windows 8 IT Pro Camp – Glasgow…


The IT Pro Report: Big Data: Sizing Things Up

Recently IT Pro publication released a new report on Big Data… Does it represent a big opportunity or even bigger problem when it comes to your business? You can download the report here: Download the report now