.NET Core 2.0 is available!

Rich Lander takes a look at the improvements that come with .NET Core 2.0, as well as how you can sign up for .NET Conf 2017.


Top 5 .NET Exceptions

When you use the word Exception it always sounds scary, but exceptions in .NET are far from scary and are much more useful than the old days of returning error codes and error strings. With that in mind, here are my top five tips for handling .NET Exceptions.


Five Practices for Better Web Development

Anthony Dang, a Senior Developer at The Cogworks, takes a look at some of the common issues that plague web development, and the best practices that address these issues.


Guest Post: Controlling your code is the same as controlling anything, your success is in your approach!

Simon Skinner has been a Microsoft MVP for 3 years as well as a speaker for several Microsoft shows in Europe, Singapore and the US. Training in most parts of Europe, India and Singapore Simon has proved his skills time over. Specialties: System Center, Hosted System Center, System Center Application Monitoring, Web Site and .Net…