Looking to discover something new in Azure? Or maybe further your understanding of Windows Server 2016? We have all that and more in our round-up of the coming month’s Microsoft and community events. Know of a UK event that isn't listed here? Let us know via @TechNetUK!

Last updated: 14th November 2018

UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Office 365 and SharePoint User Group London - GDPR Special
19th November, London. Free.
In this two part session Microsoft MVP John Timney will take you through the stages required to satisfy GDPR mandatory Article 25, covering Data Protection By Design and Default.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Azure DevOps - What is it? What can I do with it? Where Do I Start?
19th November, Birmingham. Free.
In this session Ryan Yates will cover features and functionality of Azure DevOps (formally Visual Studio Team Services) and how these components can help you in both IT Pro & Developer workloads.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Good Tech Conf
19-20th November, Brighton. £150.
Good Tech Conf is focusing the discussion around technology it's design, delivery and the how we can build software that is both ethical and sustainable. After a day of tech talks from project teams using their skills for social good, you’ll have the chance to take part in workshops and hackathons to use your own talents for a worthy cause.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Power BI Deployment Strategy and Graph Databases
20th November, Bristol. Free.
The SQL Bristol meetup is informal and friendly, usually around 40 people. It's a great opportunity to network with folk either interested in, or who work with SQL, and learn something new from our great speakers.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar The Great Debate: Serverless vs Kubernetes
21st November, London. Free.
In this debate, two teams of experts will argue why their technology will dominate the future of cloud-native. They will explore when you should run versus the other, what impact they might have on your team and perhaps if there is a future where both co-exist?
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Commercialising Analytics, Machine Learning and AI & Programming Languages
22nd November, Edinburgh. Free.
Join us for talks from Marta Portugal & Vicky Byrom on Commercialising Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, and Dr Jasmina Lazić on the strengths and weaknesses of different programming languages.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar R-Ladies Making a difference in R and Open Source
27th November, London. Free.
R-Ladies London have the great pleasure of having four wonderful presenters lined up to show how they are making a difference to the R and open source community.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Scaling beyond the limits of Azure Data Factory
29th November, London. Free.
In this talk we welcome back founder Richard Conway, who will discuss a customer use case explaining how developers can overcome the shortcomings in Data Factory and Custom Activities.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Christmas Panel Show 2018
29th November, Leeds. Free.
Our annual Christmas panel show with lots of mince pies or festive drinks, our popular Leeds Sharp quiz, plenty of goodies to win (2018 design Leeds Sharp t-shirts, LS# mugs, and lots more), and an interview with Adam Pridmore from Covéa Insurance chatting about coding practices in the finance sector (+ rants).
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Learning IoT With Nothing But Your Laptop
29th November, Derby. Free.
With the advent of HTML 5, so comes the ability to simulate a lot of IoT Kit right there in your web browser. Pete Gallagher will take you through a few online simulators for IoT technology, which will give you a head start into the world of IoT. This way you can forgo all the procrastinating, and get to (virtually) creating!
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar A Practical Guide to Dashboarding - Jess White / Functional C# - Simon Painter
3rd December, Nottingham. Free.
This month we've got not one, but TWO fantastic speakers! Jessica White and Simon Painter will be coming along to talk to us about Dashboarding and Function C#.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Tilting at windmills - Self-service BI from an infrastructure perspective
3rd December, London. Free.
What on earth IS "self-service BI" and why would the infrastructure people care? This session outlines how the notion of self-service BI really impacts the technical infrastructure, gives examples (and horror stories) of previous implementations and provides hands-on tips for avoiding a governance disaster.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Microsoft Connect(); 2018
4th December, Online. Free.
Tune in online on December 4, 2018 for a full day of dev-focused delight—including updates on Azure and Visual Studio, keynotes, demos, and real-time coding with experts—live from the Microsoft Azure and AI Conference.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Agile Software Architecture
5th December, Chester. Free.
Martin Fowler famously declared that architects and software architecture as a practice was dead, and those of us who work as architects have been justifying our existence ever since.In this talk, I hope to bust some myths and answer some questions.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Functioning with Functions
6th December, Southampton. Free.
Local MVP and PluralSight author Mark Heath fills our heads with the goodness that is Azure Durable Functions.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Functional C#
10th December, Hereford. Free.
So you want to get started, putting together Functional code, but you don't have time for the learning curve that comes with F# or Haskell? It's perfectly possible to implement a lot of the amazing features of Functional programming in C#, without the need for any new dependencies, or even any especially complicated code.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar London Internet of Things Meetup 83: Christmas edition
11th December, London. Free.
Join us as usual to hear 3 speakers who are making the internet of things a reality in the UK. Each talk is 10 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A. People of all backgrounds, ages and interests welcome.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Optimising garbage collection efficiency in .NET applications
13th December, Taunton. Free.
In this talk, Ben will cover the basic operations of the .NET garbage collector and look at ways that, to an extent, it can be controlled. He will walk through some practical examples of the symptoms and solutions to common C# mishaps that lead to memory leaks and excessive pressure on the garbage collector.
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