Looking to discover something new in Azure? Or maybe further your understanding of Windows Server 2016? We have all that and more in our round-up of the coming month’s Microsoft and community events. Know of a UK event that isn't listed here? Let us know via @TechNetUK!

Last updated: 15th February 2018

UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar An Evening with Docker on Windows
15th February, Southampton. Free.
In the first session you'll learn the basics of Docker on Windows - how to build, ship and run apps as containers - and why Docker is such a big deal. In the second session you'll see how to take an existing .NET app and run it in Docker on Windows with no code changes, enabling you to break features out of the app and run them in separate containers.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar London DevOps #32
15th February, London. Free.
In this session, Martin Lee will present 'Adventures using Rancher in Production', and Ian Miell will present 'Bash is Awesome'.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Scottish Water & Kx Systems
15th February, Glasgow. Free.
In this session, Robert Murray will present "The role of analytics in asset management – A Scottish Water story", followed by Niall Coulter presenting "Simplified Big Data/IoT Analytics with Time-Series & Columnar DB".
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar MUCUGL February 15th 2018: Microsoft Teams has PSTN Calling, Demos and What's Next
15th February, London. Free.
Microsoft Teams now has PSTN Calling. In this MUCUGL we will demo and discuss all the new features and also talk about Interop with Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Azure IT Camp
20-21st February, Reading. Free.
Join us for a 2-day event for advanced experiences with real-world scenarios around Microsoft Azure.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar .NET South East with Ian Cooper
20th February, Brighton. Free.
In this talk we will identify the key pillars of a Cloud Native application, and discuss how to move your development towards high-scalability software engineering. Along the way we will cover everything from Microservices and Antifragility to Agile Application Infrastructure.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Microsoft Teams Webinar
20th February, Online. Free.
In this session you will learn how Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams fit together, how Microsoft Teams fits into the new digital workplace of today, and see a demonstration on how marketing and HR departments within organisations are currently adopting Microsoft Teams.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar SQLBits 2018
21-24th February, London. Free.
SQLBits is the largest SQL Server conference in Europe for data professionals, led by Microsoft Data Platform experts. Born out of the hunger to share the latest developments, solutions and best practice, whilst forming a network of data professionals behind some of the most exciting developments on the Microsoft Data Platform.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar The State of the Function
22nd February, Leeds. Free.
There is a real buzz in the air about Functions and Serverless software development, and there is an overwhelming number of platforms offering similar but different things. In this talk, Martin Beeby will take a look at the various platforms available, give an overview of how they work, their different approaches and talk about projects that he has built using them.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Messaging - RabbitMQ, Azure (Service Bus), Docker and Azure Functions
22nd February, Derby. Free.
In this session we'll describe the benefits of messaging systems, the software solutions that are available and typical messaging architectures. Examples will be made using Azure Storage Queues, Azure Service Bus, and RabbitMQ.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Steve Westgarth - Entity Framework and the Unit of Work Design Pattern
26th February, Nottingham. Free.
In this talk we’ll review the Unit of Work Design Pattern and explore alternative methods of implementation that offer a more SOLID approach. We’ll also explore the pros and cons of other design patterns that you may be using in your code and actively discuss and critique the options available to developers for working with Entity Framework.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Safe At Any Speed
27th February, Telford. Free.
The time has to come to release and you are brimming with confidence. But once you are live the pain starts coming; deadlocks in the Db, servers that begin queuing requests and then fail, users reporting errors you have never seen. In this presentation we explore some of the key patterns you need to know to keep your application alive in production.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Data Centre Modernisation: Agility with Innovation
1st March, London. Free.
Join New Signature and your fellow senior IT decision makers for an exclusive breakfast briefing on the crucial transition from traditional data centre models to the cloud.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Slicing thinly
7th March, Chester. Free.
This practical session explores slicing - the process of doing small critical pieces of the whole as early as possible. Through this we test our assumptions and manage risks as they appear, delivering the value the customer needs.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Rightsizing the cloud for efficiency and innovation
8th March, London. Free.
Join New Signature on 8th March 2018 to learn how you can enjoy all the benefits of the cloud without having to worry about costs spiralling out of control.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar D3JS - Visualisations in javascript
12th March, Hereford. Free.
Our very own Tess Barnes shows us how to work with D3, a javascript chart / plot / visualisation library for the web.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar App Centre - for your mobile strategy
14th March, Birmingham. Free.
This talk is a broad overview of the services that App Centre offers and how they can create a DevOps pipeline for your mobile apps. We’ll look at using Mobile Centre to set up automated builds of your app, run automated UI tests on real devices in the cloud then distribute to users.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Staring at the Cosmos...
15th March, Southampton. Free.
Details TBC.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Windows User Group York
21st March, York. Free.
The evening will be hosted by MVPs Chris Rhodes and Andrew Bettany, with topics including Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Microsoft 365.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Headless UI testing with Chrome and Puppeteer
26th March, Nottingham. Free.
As a developer we tend to shy away from Web UI testing as the feedback loop is just too slow. In this demo led presentation we will take a look at a toolset that gives us far faster feedback.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Blockchain Internals : A Developers View of How Blockchain Works
29th March, Derby. Free.
In this talk, we will explore what blockchain is in some detail from the conceptual use cases for it through to looking under the covers at how it works in detail. As the talk progresses, we will build up a sample implementation that will help developers form their mental model of what a blockchain is and how it works.
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