Looking to discover something new in Azure? Or maybe further your understanding of Windows Server 2016? We have all that and more in our round-up of the coming month’s Microsoft and community events. Know of a UK event that isn't listed here? Let us know via @TechNetUK!

Last updated: 23rd May 2018

UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Making Office 365 Work for You
23rd May, Manchester. Free.
For organisations who have adopted Office 365 and organisations considering adopting, this workshop provides an overview of the breadth and depth of the Apps available as part of an Office 365 subscription.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Data in London Town
29th May, London. Free.
Talks about London data.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Microsoft Modern Workplace User Group Wales
31st May, Cardiff. Free.
The reason we are starting the User Group is to encourage information sharing based on real experiences and discussion. We've been successfully running a user group in Scotland for the past 2 years and would like to bring the same experience to Wales.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Outside-In Test-Driven Development (TDD)
31st May, Leeds. Free.
This session will demonstrate some of the techniques required by Outside-In TDD, help you appreciate some of the potential pitfalls such as over-engineering and an over use of Mocking and how it enables you to more easily write better Object-Oriented code.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Performance in the Javascript Era
31st May, Derby. Free.
This primer will cover some essential ground on how to approach measuring website and web app performance, along with some quick wins, through to some more lower-level technical nuances with HTTP2, compression, and header management, and finally putting all our tools together to comprehensively and continuously keep a watchful eye on your performance metrics.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Event Sourcing with F# and Azure Cosmos DB
4th June, London. Free.
Let me take you on a journey through the development of a web-based event sourcing application in F# & Azure Cosmos DB. I'll show you all the pain points and dead ends we went through and how we end up with a sane design.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Aberdeen's digital and data ambitions.
4th June, Aberdeen. Free.
Come along to hear two great speakers giving updates on their work.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Pursuit of APIness with SharpCompress
5th June, Sheffield. Free.
In this talk, we'll draw on ideas and insight from user experience, API design, psychology and education to show how you can incorporate discoverability into every layer of your application.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar June London #PowerBI User Group with Andrej Lapajne | Zebra BI
6th June, London. Free.
Including a Microsoft case study, this lecture will demonstrate, how to implement popular techniques like the 'small multiples' and the IBCS® semantic notation by using the Zebra BI custom visuals.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Junior Developers Event
6th June, Chester. Free.
This month we will have a number of events aimed at junior to mid level programmers.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Spot the difference: automating visual regression testing
11th June, Hereford. Free.
This session looks at why we automate tests, the issue with just manually testing, common end to end automation pitfalls, a brief introduction to visual testing and finally a look at common issues with visual testing and ways to overcome them.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar Focus on VSTS/TFS pipelines
21st June, London. Free.
Featuring talks on "VSTS and Azure - Better together?" and "Git Push, VSTS/TFS and Octopus Deploy".
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar DevOps4Dynamics Workshop – Gain Maximum Business Benefit from Dynamics 365
22nd June, London. Free.
Testhouse, an experienced Global Gold DevOps, Silver Cloud and Dynamics SI Partner, have developed unique, Azure-based IP “DevOps4Dynamics”, supported by services. This equips clients and implementation partners to deploy, enhance and maintain Dynamics solutions in an effective and timely manner. This means faster user up-take of Dynamics and improved business efficiency combined with reduced ongoing maintenance costs leading to higher client satisfaction.
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UK Dev IT Pro Event Calendar ASP.NET Performance in the Javascript Era
28th June, Leeds. Free.
Topic will include ASP.NET and NodeJS samples, and slides & code will be made available on Github well in advance.
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