Digital transformation with Microsoft and Citrix

For over 25 years, Microsoft and Citrix have partnered to ensure that their products are meeting the demands of nearly a quarter of a million customers, and tens of millions of users. This collaboration between Citrix software such as XenDesktop, ShareFile and NetScaler, and Microsoft software such as Azure, Office 365 and Windows 10, brings with it many benefits. You will see that:

  • Your users will be more productive
  • Corporate data will be more secure
  • IT will be more efficient

Here are some of the ways in which this long-running partnership will benefit you and your customers.

Extend your site with Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft and Citrix partnership allows you to expand your XenDesktop site with the power of Azure, adding new features and capabilities. For example, you might use Netscaler to add cloud-based network deployment, or Sharefile for file synchronisation and sharing. You also have the option of running a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) model through Citrix Cloud on Azure.

Accelerate Windows 10 migration

With over 500 million devices running Windows 10 and bring-your-own device initiatives gaining in popularity, it’s important that employers are aware that their employees will expect to use their devices to gain access to corporate assets, applications and data.

XenDesktop enables IT admins to deliver immediate access to business applications on devices running Windows 10. With XenDesktop and AppDNA, the cost of application upgrades, migrations and updates can be reduced by as much as 90 percent.

Secure productivity in the cloud with Office 365

With Microsoft and Citrix, companies can now realise the collaboration and communications benefits of Office 365. The full version of Office 365 can be used with XenApp, including all plugins and macros.

You can also use ShareFile, extending the value of Office 365 by enabling users to co-author documents, share files securely and access data repositories like OneDrive and SharePoint.

Embrace digital workspaces and expand enterprise mobility

Enabling IT professionals to protect company data across both cloud and on premises applications, Microsoft and Citrix are integrating Citrix XenMobile and NetScaler with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). This gives you the tools you need to kick off your digital transformation with freedom and peace of mind.

The future

Microsoft and Citrix have partnered to help businesses achieve a secure digital transformation, and with Azure, your digital transformation doesn’t have to stop here. If you’re already familiar with the cloud but want to learn more about Azure and the next steps for deployment, visit the Do More With Azure website for videos, webinars, articles and more.

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