Secret Santa for the busy office

It’s a busy year and everyone is off at customer sites, working from home or in meetings all day, so how do you get everyone to pick their name out of the hat for Secret Santa?


A look at the open source PowerShell v6

PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway takes a look at the differences between PowerShell v6 and Windows PowerShell 5.1, including use cases, resources and what’s to come now that it’s open source.


Two Backlogs Integration (Trello & VSTS)

The idea of having the two backlogs can still be pretty new to many people Mohamed Radwan explains the philosophy behind the usage of different backlogs, and presents the integration of different management systems.


TechNet Pod #3 – The Bots One

The TechNet Pod is a monthly podcast that rounds up everything that’s been happening on Microsoft UK’s technical channels, including TechNet UK, @MSDevUK and @TechNetUK. This month, we talk bots and AI in our interview with Martin Beeby.


6 differences between VS 2015 Enterprise and Pro

As we like to change edition names and move functionality around from time to time, here’s a concise summary of the differences between Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise and Visual Studio 2015 Professional.


Notes & Queries – Hyper-V on your laptop

This is a follow up to my article Catch Up: Expanding Your Laptop With Hyper-V, where in this post I want to explore why you would use Hyper-V and what its limitations are. Limitations Limitations first: Hyper-V on a Windows client is not as fully featured as its bigger brothers, Hyper-V Server and Windows Server….