Dealing With Security Risks From Upper Management

Data breaches have become all too common, with many businesses paying the price for their lack of vigilance and security features. But what if your biggest security risks come straight from your upper management?

Cyber security in context

In the face of ever evolving technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Content Analytics, the ability to provide integrity, protection and governance to data becomes more important. Geoff Evelyn looks at the importance of this from a global, company and personal perspective.

Managing the security of hybrid clouds

The hybrid cloud is a great way of seamlessly integrating on and off premise services, but how can you manage security with multiple IT services?

Create a Network Security Group Rule using PowerShell

My last post,, covered enabling WinRM over HTTPS on an Azure VM. After forwarding the steps to colleagues it was pointed out that some of the steps could be simplified with some PowerShell. My next couple of posts will cover how different parts of my initial process could be automated, starting with creation of the…

Managing saved passwords in Microsoft Edge

By Michael Sammels, Developer In this article I am going to show you how to manage your saved passwords in Microsoft Edge. This is something I am asked about a lot, so I thought I would share the how-to. This method is also handy for clearing saved passwords from Trusted Store Apps (such as the…

Reducing risk and enhancing security

By Marcus Robinson, Managing Director of Octari I often hear stories on my travels from IT teams who repeatedly face barriers related to security when implementing cloud services. The reality is that cloud services often include features that enhance security and reduce risk compared to legacy systems. Within this blog post, I will call out…


Windows 10’s new security features for business

Peter Egerton is a Microsoft System Center Consultant for Inframon Ltd. He travels the UK designing, implementing, supporting and training on the Microsoft System Center product range. I’ve been an IT Pro for 14 years and in my spare time I am a Community Leader for the Windows Management User Group (WMUG).    So Windows…