Thoughts from OxfordHack 2018

Jim Bennett, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, talks about last month’s OxfordHack 2018, including what happened on the day and the software created by the winning teams.

The Opportunities and Responsibilities of AI

We believe AI to be more game changing than any technological advance that came before it. It’s taken us nearly four decades to put a PC on every desk and a smart phone in every pocket, but the pace of AI deployment will be much faster, and its impact more profound.


Join us this week for a summer of data & AI in Azure!

Attend the Microsoft Data and AI Summer Meetup to hear about new services and feature announcements. Plus, get a deep dive from Microsoft customers including Heathrow Airport, and partners including ElastaCloud and Databricks.


TechDays Online is back!

TechDays Online is back! Join us from June 12th to 14th for 4 technical tracks across 3 days during London Tech Week.


Catch up on the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour with these resources

If you missed out on seeing Scott Guthrie at Tech Summit’s Red Shirt Dev Tour and want to learn more about Azure, don’t worry! Here are the resources and demos that were used at the event, plus a recording of the session in NYC.