The top 10 articles from 2018

We may be a month into 2019, but there’s still one more thing we need to do – check out the top ten articles from last year! A massive thank you to our guest writers and contributors for providing these articles, and we hope to work with writers new and old in 2019 to create even more great reading content for everyone at TechNet UK.

Build a bot in under 3 minutes… in Azure!

Chat bots are an increasingly popular way for businesses to disclose information in a more conversational way, but where do you even start? Theo van Kraay takes a look at how you can get your own bot up and running in a matter of minutes.


TechNet Pod #3 – The Bots One

The TechNet Pod is a monthly podcast that rounds up everything that’s been happening on Microsoft UK’s technical channels, including TechNet UK, @MSDevUK and @TechNetUK. This month, we talk bots and AI in our interview with Martin Beeby.


Using AI to answer your customers’ questions

Martin Beeby shows us how to create a Q&A bot which can later be added to various chat programs. If you want to know more about AI, check out the Introducing AI show on Channel 9 at 12:30 today!

Miss a TechDays Online session? Catch up on-demand!

Last month, we hosted a three-day long, MVP-led TechDays Online. All 18 sessions are available to be viewed on-demand via Channel 9, so don’t miss out on topics including bots, Linux on Azure, Xamarin, Quantum Computing, IoT and more!

Killing Several Birds with One Bot Framework

The day has come: real-time text communication invaded our lives in a way to the point where people prefer chatting via various messengers instead of phone calling (not to mention fact-to-face talks). Texting became so inevitable and widely used that it even rises safety concern reverberated in preventive Stop Texting signs along the roads.