Cloud Advocate Roundup for 23/11/18

Welcome to the Cloud Advocate roundup for the week beginning 23/11/18!

Cloud Advocates are a globally distributed team of engineers with diverse areas of focus, such as Open Source Software (OSS), container technology, Java, front-end web development, gaming, machine learning, artificial intelligence and .NET. Their goal is to empower developers to do more with the cloud, by being present in the tech community and at meet-ups, creating good, accurate documentation, and by providing expertise as engineers. You can see a current list of Cloud Advocates on the Microsoft Developer site.

With so many Cloud Advocates creating so much great content across the web, we've decided to highlight some of it here in these roundup posts. Take a look through everything from last week, and let's us know if there's a topic you want to hear more about!


Writing Tests for Azure Functions

In this episode, Senior Program Manager Jeff Hollan (@jeffhollan) comes on to show us how we can get started with testing our Azure Functions apps. He walks through some examples of doing both unit testing as well as integration testing. We also learn about some of the tools and frameworks that help make testing easier.

Topics and Technologies: Azure Functions, Serverless, DevOps, CI/CD, Azure Storage Explorer


#FiveThings About GitHub

Phil Haack joins John Papa on this week's FIVE THINGS to talk about (more than) five things about GitHub. They cover ignoring whitespace in code reviews, using GitHub project boards, analysing issue comment sentiment with Azure, and the GitHub Changelog.

Technologies and Topics: Open Source, GitHub, Web Development, Azure Functions


Are you excited for Microsoft Connect(); 2018?

Are you curious about what to expect at Microsoft Connect(); 2018? Jim shares where to watch and rounds up a list of the sessions he's looking the most forward to ranging from Visual Studio announcements to .NET and IoT.

Technologies and Topics: Developer Relations


How to perform data ingestion with Azure Event Hubs

With Event Hubs, you receive data from a variety of sources, storing events reliably and durably, and allow multiple systems to quickly (and concurrently!) process your information. Azure manages your infrastructure and simplifies ingestion, so you focus on analyzing your data streams.

Technologies and Topics: MS Learn, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, AI/ML, Azure Event Hub


Private Packages with Azure DevOps

Learn how to set up a simple CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps, following along as Mike moves his pet project code to Azure DevOps, configures his build process, leaving you with the basic steps and resources you need to set up your first CI/CD system.

Technologies and Topics: Visual Studio, Visual Studio App Center, .NET, .NET Core, C#, CI/CD, Azure DevOps Projects, Azure DevOps Service


Run as Radio Podcast featuring Rick Claus

Rick Claus joins RunasRadio - Rich Campell's .NET Rocks sister show for IT Pro/Ops teams - to talk about his role on as a Cloud Ops Advocate team lead, the importance of IT Pro / Ops teams, and what they need to know to transition their skills and stay relevant in the ever-changing world of technology. They cover the role of tribal knowledge, and how to pivoting to hybrid and cloud technologies makes unlocks new ways of working and within their organisations.

Technologies and Topics: IT Ops, Agnostic, Cloud Ops


Building Your Startup’s Tech Stack with Azure

If you're a startup still in its early stages, you've likely noticed how many cloud platforms there are to choose from -- but what should you consider? Where do you start?

In this article, Ian outlines his top three Azure service suggestions that will help startups create the infrastructure they need to build—and scale—their applications. From keeping it simple with serverless and selecting a database to getting the most of your budget, you'll get the simple guidance you need to get started.

Technologies and Topics: Azure Web Apps, Azure Security Center, MS Learn, Azure Advisor, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Functions


Kubernetes Ingress Controllers and Certificates: The Walkthrough

In this video series, follow along as Jessica walks through setting up a vanilla Kubernetes cluster with an Nginx Ingress controller, certificate manager, and certificate cluster issuer all in about 15 minutes.

Technologies and Topics: NGINX, Kubernetes, Containers, DevOps


Azure Pipelines YAML Part #2: More Ways to Learn What You Need!

In this second blog post in a series about how to use the new YAML-based builds in Azure Pipelines, Damian crowdsources tips from the DevOps community around what else one should add to their Pipeline YAML file.

Technologies and Topics: Azure Pipelines, DevOps


Creating an Azure IoT Central Application

In this lab, you'll learn how to use Raspberry Pi Simulator to stream temperature, humidity, and pressure telemetry to Azure IoT Central. Easy-to-follow instructions walk you through creating your account, setting up your device, and getting simulated results in real-time, plus resources to explore further

Technologies and Topics: IoT, Azure IoT Central


Microsoft Azure DevOps and Jenkins in Perfect Harmony

Following up from his presentations at DevOps/Jenkins World this year, Brian walks readers through the particulars of how he built his presentation demo app, which uses Azure DevOps and Jenkins to deploy code changes.

Technologies and Topics: Jenkins, CI/CD, Azure DevOps

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