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On the 22nd February 2017, we completed the fourth iteration of our MVP-led TechDays Online, a three-day event which was broadcast live across Channel 9 and Facebook. It brought together MVPs, TEs and technical experts from all across the world, led by the developer experience team here in the UK.

As part of the event, MVPs talked about bots, Document DB, PHP, My SQL, Linux on Azure, Xamarin, Quantum Computing, how IoT is changing lives, Big Data, DevOps, Docker and the current skills gap.

All 18 sessions are available to be viewed on-demand via Channel 9, so if you missed a session or couldn't tune in for the event at the time, you won't be left out! There are also archives of the 6 sessions streamed by our colleagues in the Americas, which you can find here. To give you a little taste of what to expect, here are a few of our favourite sessions:

How IOT and data is changing lives

Haiyan Zhang, a designer, technologist and maker of things takes a look at the innovation agenda around IoT. She is the Innovation Director at Microsoft Research Cambridge where she and her team focus on inventing cutting-edge technology to enable new "Connected Play" experiences. In the UK, you may have seen Haiyan on the BBC documentary series, Big Life Fix. Haiyan will discuss her design-led approach to innovation in connected play, crowd sourced science and treatment of chronic medical conditions, and in doing so, move the IoT discussion beyond "the connected fridge" to the empowerment of individuals to have better control of their lives.

Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services: Make your bot smarter!

The way in which we interact with companies and services is changing. In this session Gary Pretty, James Mann and Simon Michael cover common bot scenarios such as location and building forms - including common requirements like validation. They'll also look at how you can use Microsoft Cognitive Services to sprinkle AI magic on your bots and turn them from simple command-line pretenders to super-useful tools that customers will love. As a bonus, we also have articles from both Gary Pretty and James Mann on bots, so check them out!

Communication Driven Development

Development is more than just code. How many times have you delivered a feature only to find that what you've built isn't what the user wanted? Jessica Rose and Rik Hepworth look at ways you can build a communication strategy into your development process, with a focus on cross-team communication in larger organisations. You can also find more from Jessica Rose in an article she wrote for TechNet UK, about how you can achieve better operational security through collaboration. Give it a read!


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