TechNet Pod #1 – The TechDays Online One ft. DevOps


Say hello to the TechNet Pod! Our new monthly podcast will roundup everything that's been happening on Microsoft UK's technical channels, including TechNet UK, @MSDevUK and @TechNetUK.

So why a podcast, and why now? Recently we've been having a think about what ways we can better reach out to the audience of TechNet UK and the two Twitter channels. We want to be able to tailor our articles and event coverage specifically to the needs of developers and IT pros in the UK, and the podcast is a step in this direction! Your feedback will help shape future podcasts, so if there are topics you'd like to learn more about, do let us know.

You can listen to it on Soundcloud, through your favourite podcast client with a search or our RSS feed, or you can download the episode directly (128mb).

So, what's in store for episode one?

3:10 - Interview with Steve Thair, CTO of DevOpsGuys and Microsoft Regional Director
8:07 - Information about WinOps 2017
32:46 - If you want to learn more, come along to WinOps London
37:14 - Azure Stack – What can it do for my business? by Gareth Jones
37:36 - How to help tech employees be more creative by Rick Delgado
38:04 - Dialogs 101 – Modelling your conversation with Bot Framework Dialogs by James Mann
38:41 - Upcoming articles on TechNet UK
39:50 - The .NET Language Strategy by Mads Torgersen
40:13 - An in-depth look at Project "Bletchley" on GitHub
40:44 - Getting started with #Azure billing and cost management
41:02 - A roadmap for upcoming Azure Cloud Platform features and services
41:19 - Introduction to Authentication with ASP.NET Core by Andrew Lock
41:42 - New Year, New Devs: Sharpen your C# Skills by Bob Tabor
42:28 - You can find our dedicated events page on TechNet UK
42:40 - Azure Briefing with Linux on Azure: Infrastructure Masterclass, February 9th in Reading (this event has ended)
43:21 - MVP led TechDays Online, February 20th-22nd Online
43:46 - Interview with Claire Smyth, AEM and owner of the MVP award program in the UK, about the upcoming TechDays Online
50:53 - You can check out the previous TechDays Online on Channel 9
53:23 - Microsoft Tech Summit, March 27th-28th in Birmingham

We mentioned it a few times during the podcast (sorry!) but do let us know your honest opinions on our inaugural episode in the comments below. With your help, we'd like to make future episodes even better. See you in episode two!

Comments (9)

  1. Hi this would be great, always looking for .net podcast for my drive to work but where can I find this to download to my phone. As soon as I got the email I went into my podcast app on my iphone and searched for it but nothing!!

      1. Chris Walden says:

        Hey both! If your podcast player can accept URLs, you can add the show that way by using the RSS feed at the top of the article. Failing that, you should be able to find the podcast via search within the next day or two. Thanks!

  2. Michael Collins says:

    Very informative hopefully next time I listen some of the events will be in the future rather than the past. Thanks

    1. Chris Walden says:

      Thanks Michael! We’re going to have a quicker turnaround for episode two, so this won’t be an issue in the future. Thank you for listening!

  3. Steve says:

    Just “discovered” this through Pocket Casts. Great work, guys, looking forward to listening to this.

  4. Graham Gunner says:

    This podcast seems to have disappeared, no update as to what happened to it. I assume it’s been cancelled ??

    1. Chris Walden says:

      Hey Graham 🙂 We’re currently planning out future episodes. Apologies for the delay, and we should have some news to share soon!

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