How to help tech employees be more creative


Creativity is required for businesses to progress and innovate new ideas. Creativity and innovation combine old ways of thinking to form new ones. Through creativity, employees are able to develop alternative solutions to tough and complex problems.

Finding a creative spark can be challenging. However, this can be even more challenging for tech employees who spend the majority of their time typing away at keyboards and staring at computer screens. With these five helpful tips, managers and businesses can cultivate and establish a work environment that allows tech employees to channel their inner creativity.

Keep A Clean Office

It’s important that your work space allows for a positive mindset for great work and focus. Dirty and cluttered offices can create a stressful environment for tech employees. A dirty office makes employees uncomfortable, which limits their ability to innovate and improve their creative work. Cluttered offices can be visually distracting as employees try to focus on developing their new ideas. To keep the office tidy and promote a positive thinking space, establish high standards for cleanliness in your office. Encourage your employees to clean their desks and work spaces daily. Find new ways to organise supplies and current projects. This can include adding shelving units for papers and files or incorporating converged storage architecture for applications and data.

Provide Travel Opportunities

Whether you allow your employees to travel to an office across town or across the country, travelling to a new location can allow tech employees the opportunity to experience new perspectives and understand new ways of performing daily tasks. Meeting and working with new people opens the minds of employees as they are forced to look at the world differently. Being in a different location also provides individuals with a break from their normal routines, which can help tech employees emerge out of a creative rut.

Encourage Breaks

In addition to improving employee productivity and job satisfaction, allowing for regular breaks helps to stimulate creativity. A brief moment away from the desk can act as a reset button and allow employees to approach their problems with a fresh mind. It is also important that managers and businesses encourage their employees to use their breaks in productive ways. For example, doing something creative during a break can help tech employees relax and obtain a new outlook on problems and issues before they return to their work. Some positive activities employees can do while on a break include listening to music, going for a walk, writing in a journal, drawing, painting, or solving brain teasers.

Provide Healthy Snacks

The long stretch between lunch and dinner can make it difficult for employees to focus on their work. To keep employees energised while they strive to find creative solutions to work problems, provide healthy snacks in the office. Snacks that can help keep your employees stay sustained, concentrated and ready to create include fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, nuts and even some chocolate. It’s also important to keep your work space stocked with brain food and skip the coffee and energy drinks. While these drinks can have an initial boost for employees, they can also lead to a major crash later in the work day.

Allow For Flexibility

Structuring employee work days outside of the normal “9 to 5” restrictions leads to improved rates of overall productivity and higher job satisfaction. Flexible workdays accommodate for different personality types of employees, allowing individuals to work at times when they are the most productive. A few ways businesses can incorporate flexible schedules include allowing for flexible hours, work-from-home days, or even unlimited vacation.

By implementing cleanliness, travel opportunities, breaks, healthy snacks, and flexibility into the office lifestyle, managers and businesses can fuel creativity within their offices. As employees tackle their creativity with full force, the overall productivity of the office will increase. Employees who can channel their creativity and use it to solve work problems are emotionally invested in their work and are more passionate to succeed. Establishing a work space that encourages and cultivates creativity can give businesses the competitive edge to solve problems and make their way to the top.


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