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Quantum Computing is the future, and Blockchain and Bots are a reality! But what does this mean for you in the real world? These are just some of the topics we will be tackling as part of the latest iteration of our MVP-led TechDays Online.

By Claire Smyth, Audience Evangelism Manager

For three days starting on February 20th, leading MVPs and technical experts will be sharing their knowledge and expertise of how to make sense of your data, Document DB, Serve-less and PHP-MySQL web apps in Azure App Services. This year’s impressive line-up includes Haiyan Zhang from the BBC’s The Big Life Fix demonstrating how technology can really help people, as well as Ilyas Khan, the CEO and co-founder of Cambridge Quantum Computing. IIyas is also a Fellow of St Edmund’s College at the University of Cambridge, plus the Chairman and a founding Trustee of The Stephen Hawking Foundation.

Monday, 20 February 2017: We will be talking about the benefits of choosing the right data store when designing highly available, highly scalable and cost effective cloud based systems. The session will explore the range of offerings on the Azure platform, along with guidance on how to best match the right store with your workload requirements.  This will be followed by two sessions from MVPs James Mann and Gary Pretty that will look at the changing world of Bots, offering you the tools to create real chat-bots today! We'll be closing the day by sharing the secrets of DocumentDB with MVP Allan Mitchell, who will demonstrate the scale capabilities not only in terms of RUs and storage but also how you can leverage JavaScript and really ramp the volume to 11.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017: The theme shifts to DevOps and MVPs from across Europe, with talks including how to Dockerize Your Cross-Plat .NET Development and how to monitor Linux in Azure with Microsoft Operations Management Suite Log Analytics. There will also be a presentation designed to illustrate the DevOps vision with the help of a mix of technologies, including Git, Linux, ASP.NET Code, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Azure and more.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017: We change gears and explore the world of Quantum Computing. We'll look at how technology is really helping people to improve their lives, as well as a talk from the Alan Turing Institute on the interesting topic of social science. Also, Microsoft Regional Directors from the UK join forces to talk about skills and the transforming age of technology and what this means for the technical community.

If you’re unfamiliar with MVP led TechDays Online, you can visit Channel 9 to view all of the sessions from the previous events, which include DevOps, Office365, Microsoft Azure and loads more.

You can pre-register for this year's event here. See you there!

20 February 2017

10.00am: Data, data, data – How and Where to store in on Azure? With Microsoft’s David Gristwood and Amy Nicholson
11.00pm: Conversational UI using the Microsoft Bot Framework with Microsoft’s Simon Michael and MVPs James Mann and Gary Pretty
12.00pm: Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services: Make your bot smarter! With Microsoft’s Simon Michael and MVPs James Mann and Gary Pretty
1.00pm: The best kept secret, Document DB with Microsoft’s Andrew Fryer and MVP Allan Mitchell
2.00pm: Let’s discuss Server-less with Microsoft’s Andrew Fryer and MVP Rik Hepworth
3.00pm: Keynote: Dr Mike Rys What is an Azure Data Lake?
4.00pm: Close

21 February 2017

10.00am: Creating a PHP-MySQL web app in Azure App Service and deploying using FTP MVP Rik Hepworth
11.00am: Gain profit from Azure app service tooling as an OSS developer with MVP Mike Martin
12.00pm: Dockerizing Your Cross-Plat .NET Development with MVP Rainer Stropek
1.00pm: Communication Driven Development with Jessica Rose
2.00pm: Monitoring Linux in Azure with Microsoft Operations Management Suite Log Analytics with MVP Gordon McKenna
3.00pm: The Open Source World of Xamarin with MVP Garry Whittaker
4.00pm: Close

22 February 2017

10.00am: Bootstrapping blockchain with Microsoft’s Mike Ormond and Jonathan Collinge
11.00am: How IOT and data is changing lives with Haiyan Zhang from Microsoft Research
12.00pm: An introduction to Quantum Computing with Ilyas Khan from Quantum Computing
1.00pm: Social Scientist from the Alan Turing Institute
2.00pm: Microsoft Regional Directors panel. RDs; Richard Conway, Andy Cross, Steve Thair and Simon Sabin
3.00pm: Close

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