The Innovate IT camps are back… Ready, get tech, go!

innovateIT camp

Update: The #InnovateIT Camps are coming back! We're finalising dates, but be sure to check back for your chance to join.

What is an #InnovateIT Camp?

Last year over 700 attendees developed their Hybrid IT skills, with deep dives on Hyper-V, log analytics, System Center and much more. This year we’re looking to showcase the top features of Windows Server 2016 and show you how to develop your own Hybrid solution with Azure. Ed Baker has built a strong following through these camps, which strike the perfect (right) balance of theory, demo and hands-on labs.

To make the most of the camp, we’ve segmented it into a 2-day event; one focused on all things Windows Server and the following day will be Azure – but that’s not all that we’re going to cover. You will see deep dives into Operations Management Suite, Azure Site Recovery and an overview of Containers in WS2016. We recommend you make the most of this opportunity and take advantage of both days as it will give you the best exposure to our systems.

Why should I go?

We know, we know: your boss will ask you why you should take 2 days off to go to this, so we’re going to make this easy for you. First, it’s free! But more importantly, this is your chance to get to grips with Nano Servers, Docker, Azure Resource Manager – we can go on here but see the list below. We’ll be building on this list to bring you up to speed with the newest features. The #InnovateIT camps can give you a good foundation to take Microsoft Exams, enabling you to become the qualified expert.

You'll also receive a pass for a free month of Azure, have the opportunity to sign up to our new Azure skills courses, and have 90-day access to labs that'll help you to complete your learning. Not bad!

Hybrid IT Management/ Hybrid Infrastructure

  • Containers, Docker
  • Nano Server deployment, Nano server TP5 release
  • Storage replication
  • New features of Windows server 2016 & benefits it can bring to my company infrastructure
  • Real world scenarios
  • Nano & WS2016 integration w/ Azure
  • New features in SRV2016, SDN Azure Services
  • ARM templates and DSC OMS automation
  • ARM and Dev and Test, ARM templates in Visual Studio
  • Operations Management Console with AD Assessment
  • The capabilities of OMS
  • Cluster Storage

Where is it?

Our first camps will be on 15th and 16th December in London, then we’re coming to Birmingham, Glasgow and more in the new year. There are many more lined up so tell us where you are and we’ll bring the camps to you.

How can I register?

The first round of the #InnovateIT Camps ended in May 2017, but we're currently working on future instalments! We'll have more news for you soon, so check back soon.

  • Thursday 15th to Friday 16th December, London
  • Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th January, Birmingham
  • Tuesday 7th to Wednesday 8th February, Glasgow
  • Tuesday 28th to Wednesday 1st March, Reading
  • Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd March, London
  • Tuesday 4th to Wednesday 5th April, Leeds
  • Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th May, Cardiff
  • Tuesday 30th to Wednesday 31st May, Manchester

For more information, please check out the Innovate IT homepage.

Comments (113)

  1. Alun E says:

    Can you come to Cardiff\South Wales please!

    1. Ed says:

      We are! We always do!

    2. P Iddon says:

      +1 on Cardiff.

      1. alan says:

        +1 Cardiff

  2. JP says:

    Any chance of these happening in Nottingham?

  3. Brian says:

    Excellent, can we have some for Manchester please

  4. Hi Alun, JP and Brian, thank you for getting in touch. We will be looking to come to/near your suggested areas next year, please keep an eye on our Twitter page and our #InnovateIT homepage ( where we’ll be updating all future camps 🙂

  5. Steve W says:

    a 2nd for Manchester

  6. Steve Atherton says:

    North west England please! Manchester, Liverpool or even Leeds if we are killing white and red roses with one stone 🙂

  7. sunilK says:

    Any chance of these happening in INDIA ?

  8. H says:

    And Leeds please.

  9. Tony says:

    Hi can Manchester have it please. We havent had any for a few years now thanks.

  10. colin weeks says:

    Any chance of one in reading?

  11. K Bolton says:

    Can you come to Lancashire with events please

  12. Ahmed A says:

    Manchester please

  13. Ryan cook says:

    Bit late in the day but Leeds or Manchester would be good!

  14. Victoria says:

    Do you ever do these in Belfast?

  15. Chris Smith says:

    Belfast please??

  16. Lou says:

    Any up coming in Dublin?

  17. Martin Baker says:

    Guys why was this announced so late in the day? I got an email on 18th Jan telling us about the 24th/25th Jan in Birmingham. I see it was on the web earlier, but emails are the route to marketing & filling places surely? Real shame, would have loved to attend this, but too late notice. PLEASE can you put the same event on again in the Midlands somewhere.. cheers!

  18. Denny McLaren says:

    Newcastle would be great.

  19. DaveB says:

    Its a bit short notice to get time off for these, regardless of it being free!! 🙁
    Also, any chance of coming coser to South Wales / Bristol area. Much easier to commute to, plus it wouldbe really nice if these types of courses occasionally did head this way!!
    Thanks for the offerings though!

  20. Eflin Charles says:

    Any chance you will be holding one of theses in Reading

  21. Geoff Haskell says:

    This would be a great opportunity.

  22. Dmitry says:

    Waiting for it in Moscow, it’s not that cold after all )))

  23. NAYTARiS says:

    Manchester please.

  24. Shadab Hussain says:

    Can this be in India?

  25. Just had notification for this today, but no spaces left in Glasgow 🙁 Please come back as it would be great to have a couple of my team attend.

    1. Hello all again, thank you so much for your requests and comments, it’s great to see these camps are in high-demand. We’re looking to come to Manchester, Leeds and Cardiff this year, bear with us as we try to organise them. As for the Glasgow event next month (7th and 8th), we’ve increased our registration allocation with 20 extra spaces 🙂 please sign up! Unfortunately these camps are currently UK only. Have a good weekend.

  26. Alex Ashe says:

    Manchester/Liverpool would be perfect.

  27. Robin says:

    Thanks for sending me an email telling me about an event that happened earlier today and tomorrow. Really useful.

    1. Hi Robin, thank you for letting us know about this, this should not have been the case. The e-mails promote the Innovate IT camps overall with various locations. We are also working on bringing it to other UK venues, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  28. Burak says:

    From turkey if u buy my ticket i coming Microsoft

  29. Gerard says:

    Can throw in a request for Belfast too? Dublin at a pinch

  30. Andrew Hill says:

    Newcastle is a great venue

  31. Ste says:

    +1 for more Manchester TechDays

  32. Dhirendra SINGH says:

    Can we get this knowledge sharing session through webex please

  33. Peter says:

    Do I need to bring a Laptop or any BYOD?

    1. Hi Peter, thank you for your message. Any Laptop will do 🙂

  34. Joseph says:

    I m Joseph I live in south Africa,so I don’t have any cash to attend this camp.i do love to attend this camp because it’s important to me as I love doing technology staff

  35. Kwao Isaac says:

    Am in Ghana and how can you please help me to attend. Tank u.

  36. Bruce says:

    Another for Manchester or Liverpool

  37. Hi only received the email for the invite yesterday and all seats for london gone. Any chance you’ll be holding any more this year?

  38. Charles says:

    more London dates please!

  39. Seema Bahl says:

    Please can you book another session in Reading which is now full. I really want to build my skills in Azure and can’t afford formal training.

  40. Yusra says:

    Manchester please

  41. Chris Smith says:

    Tuesday 21st of March please

  42. antonio venega says:

    Any chance to one place for Reading or London please….

  43. samuel jumbo says:

    Any chances of having this in Nigeria?

  44. Steve Downing says:

    Supply outstripping demand. Saw this a day and a half after the e-mail came out and Reading and London are already fully booked. I could have done either 🙁

  45. Kevin Carrell says:

    There is a Microsoft regional office, around 2 miles from my home location. There also used to be similar opportunities for Microsoft seminars etc in or around the Manchester /greater Manchester area.
    As I am quite disabled. Travel to the location of events is pretty much a exclusionary reason for my inability to attend without too much discomfort. 4 compressed disc’s and a curved spine, quite exclusionary in its own right.

    Could you not liase with the BCS Manchester region office based at Salford uni? I am sure that they would be keen to help.

  46. Seema Bahl says:

    I can attend Reading or London but the camps are both full already after I read your email. As a woman in IT I’m trying to learn about cloud computing and want career progression but can’t afford official courses. Please, please is there any chance of another session in either location.

  47. Mehdi says:

    Hi, I am unable to register, says all seats are out on all of them. Could you please help?

  48. Hi all,

    Apologies for the late response and thank you for your continued comments and requests. We are coming to Leeds, Cardiff and Manchester in April and May, the dates will be posted next week on We’re currently fully booked for Reading and London however please reach out to @TechNetUK if you have an urgent request and we will try our best to accommodate you.

    Many thanks,

  49. Peter says:

    I thought i had registered for the Reading sessions on Tuesday but i cannot find any Emails verifying this can you please verify that i had registered please

  50. Simon says:

    Aberdeen please! More Scottish dates required…

  51. Doug says:

    Looks really good, any chance of adding an Aberdeen date?

  52. Peter Lunn says:

    Any events in Newcastle or Edinburgh please?

    1. Andrew says:

      Another vote for a second north of the border event!

  53. Jamie M says:

    Hosting Suffolk way would be great!

  54. G Fox says:

    Can you do additional dates for Birmingham or/and Manchester please?

  55. Kevin Carrell says:

    I have just received the innovate mail advising on the 2 day deep dive in Manchester. I immediately html’d and as the date’s for Manchester were blue. Clicked, and surprise, all spaces gone. With an option to register for future events. As I diligently do. I have always been too late for the seminars in mail advice.

    Doesn’t seem very fair. However I will continue to be on the mailing list. Got to be in it to win it, right?

    1. Chris Hughes says:

      Same position as Kevin – Event fully booked by the time I found out about it. Is there any way I can get on a list as a sub for cancellations? I work for a very large customer of Microsoft (as you can see from my email address)

      (Obviously this is also a vote for an additional Manchester date)

  56. Jammy Khan says:


    I only got the email this morning and when I tried to signup for Manchester venue, its telling me there is no more space. very disappointed, I would have loved to attend

  57. Brett G says:

    Can we get some additional dates for Manchester, as all the spaces were taken up within the few brief moments from clicking the link to going to the site.. A single workshop isn’t enough for the amount of people who are interested is a bit poor form.

  58. Mark says:

    Any chance of extra spaces at the manchester or leeds event or maybe extra dates looking for 5 people to go from our company.


  59. Dan says:

    Just to echo what’s been said above, more spaces for the Manchester event would be great.

  60. Jon Dalton says:

    Can you do another session in Birmingham? I only received the event details today, but everything is already fully booked.

  61. We have a colleague who would like to attend the Manchester one, what are the chances of squeezing in another person?

  62. Hicham Abdelhady says:

    can I know how much it will cost me

  63. Jacob Wong says:

    I would like attend 9th to 10th of May 2017 Cardiff Boot Camp, please register me and reply

  64. Imy says:

    Are you able to do another one in London or Reading

  65. Simon Powell says:


    We just received this email today no more room for Kirklees College in Leeds?

  66. Ben says:

    Alas, like so many others, I just got an email, tried to sign up to either Leeds or Manchester but they are fully booked. Can’t find any option to get on a reserve list, anyone I can email to request this?

  67. Steve D says:

    Daft. Tried to register 2 hours after receiving the email and even the extra dates are all full

  68. Romain Hapi says:

    Well I would love to attend the Tuesday 4th to Wednesday 5th April event in Leeds. If there is waiting list, would you please record my interest should someone does not attend? I would also like to suggest to email or call people who are interested on once you know someone is not attending. I work in Leeds City centre and I would love to attend should someone registered does not attend. I guess this suggestion my be valid for additional people…

  69. Naeem Banday says:

    I will be interested in some of the courses in Glasgow as I live in Scotland but I need one month’s notice for my employer.

  70. Ketan says:

    Are you able to come to Newcastle? Would really enjoy this!

  71. AndyMoore says:

    Maximum numbers reached….please repeat…especially West Yorkshire.

  72. JJ says:

    Got the email less than a day ago, all events fully booked 🙁

    Run more classes!

  73. Eric Khoo says:

    If there is a place in London 21/22 March or 9/10 May in Cardiff, please advise.

  74. Jonathan says:

    Received e-mail and by the time I had clicked Max number of participants had been reached. Are these likely to be run again – Location: Leeds

  75. Martin Moore says:


    Please could I still register for Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd March, London?

    Many thanks!

  76. Michael says:

    Cardiff for me

  77. Nick Peers says:

    All fully Booked! Can I have a slot in Manchester if any become free? Thanks

  78. David Quintyne says:

    Unable to register for Manchester in May

  79. Justin Thompson says:

    Leeds or Manchester please

  80. Vipin Vij says:

    Can I request for either of please:-
    Tuesday 4th to Wednesday 5th April, Leeds
    Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th May, Cardiff

  81. glyn b says:

    Hey there can i come to Cardiff please 10th may

  82. francis says:

    Are you coming to vienna?

  83. Fishani Ndovi says:

    I would like to be booked on may one but I shall need to get a day booked off from work

  84. Paul Barlow says:

    I would like to attend the upcoming camps. I would like to attend the Tuesday 30th to Wednesday 31st in Mancheter.

  85. Tom Housden says:

    I work from home doing PC Maintenance and Support, supporting clients on operating systems from Windows 7 to 10 (still a few on XP too, the stubborn ones!) Would these course be for me?

  86. Lee Cook says:

    Is there any other way to register apart from twitter as I don’t use it.
    I’d be interested in the Leeds/Manchester ones.

  87. Hadi says:

    I want to register to this camp: Tuesday 21st to Wednesday 22nd March, London
    Tried on twitter but it doesn’t allow me to direct message to that account. Is there any other way to register? Email?


  88. peter vukovic says:

    Manchester Please 30th May 2017

  89. andy flint says:

    HI any spaces left for the leeds event on the 4th and 5th April please

  90. Manchester / Leeds Please.

  91. Stephen Doyle says:

    Hi, I’d like to be placed on the lists for the following Innovative IT camps please.
    Leeds 5th April
    Manchester 31st may
    thank you
    Stephen Doyle

  92. Hi, please can you add me to the wait list for the Leed’s camp.



  93. Qamar says:

    Hi Team,

    Is there any ITcamp in London again?


  94. Colin hoggins says:

    This type of event doesn’t come along often enough, as a Microsoft professional its always good to brush up on what’s new and coming.

  95. John Urbanski says:

    Any chance of more spaces at Manchester or an additional event in the North?

    1. Mo says:

      I’ve got the same question.

  96. Muhammed Sultan says:

    Please can I have a seat in Manchester?

  97. Claude Jami says:

    I would like to attend to this one:

    •Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th May, Cardiff
    Best Regards

  98. Carl DA Thornton says:

    I think I will be able to go to the Leeds camp! When and where PLEASE.

  99. James Rowney says:

    I see the one in Leeds has passed, will there be another one?

  100. Chris W says:

    Can you confirm if the Azure day for the Manchester event is the 2nd day (31st May)? Thanks.

  101. Martin Baker says:

    Guys, are you holding any more of these in 2017?

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