Are You Ready For Future Decoded 2016?

This year the Future Decoded team have selected a veritable smorgasbord of delights covering top technology areas as well as our very successful open Grok talk track in the main exhibition arena. Here's a little sneak peek...

Future Decoded 2016

With Future Decoded arriving soon after the launch of Windows Server 2016, System Center 2016 and the launch of two dedicated UK Microsoft Azure regions, we are bringing six sessions that will cover the best of these technologies with a mix of excellent internal and external speakers.

If you’re an IT Pro…

We’ve centred a number of our tracks around some of the biggest challenges and opportunities you’re facing today (and in the very near future). Including…

Azure/ Hybrid Cloud

From Azure stack the newest information about the Hybrid cloud solution that’s making waves across the industry to Microsoft MVPs Aidan Finn and Rik Hepworth talking about, and demonstration Azure Site recovery and Microsoft Operations Management Suite respectively. These sessions are titled “Azure in your own data centre”, “When disaster strikes” and “OMS – Getting insights from the cloud”.

The Server and System Centre sessions will provide an opportunity to finally understand and see in action the Software Defined Datacenter technologies built into Microsoft’s newest Server. MVP Gordon McKenna will explain and demonstrate Software defined storage in his session “Implementing a Software defined Datacentre” featuring Storage Spaces Direct and Storage replication.

Server/ System Center

System Center 2016 brings with it some great new Hybrid Cloud features and Martyn Coupland will provide an insight for us into automating the deployment of configuration manager on-premises and in the Azure cloud.

The Final IT Pro focussed track is the Modern Workplace. This features some incredible new technologies from the Microsoft Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility stable. The sessions will be led by a number of the Microsoft UK Technology Solutions Professionals covering Productivity, Communications and Mobility.

Modern Workplace

“Identity Driven Security and Cyber Crime Protection”, “Saving on telephony cost with Cloud PBX from Office 365”, “Reinventing Productivity for the Modern, Mobile Workforce” are the titles of sessions that will demonstrate just why Microsoft is the leader in the modern, secure, mobile workplace.

For both IT Pros and Developers

There sessions are designed to interest you both to help you get a sense of the future of app development and practical advice on how to adopt and deploy at scale.

DevOps Track

The DevOps track sessions are focussed on some of the hottest topics and technologies in the DevOps field. Stephen Tahir offers advice to all those “Doing DevOps” and will impart best practices and how to avoid pitfalls in the session “DevOps is the answer! What was the question again?”

The intricacies of deploying technologies and application using the latest DevOps practices such as Release management, automated testing and templated deployment is the topic for Richard Fennell and Rik Hepworth in “Living the dream: Real world DevOps with Azure and VSTS”

Finally, the biggest (or smallest) thing in DevOps at the moment is Container technology. Elton Stoneman will lead us through the transition to DevOps practices using Container technology using Docker on Windows and Azure platforms.

If you’re a developer…

We’ve got sessions that give you a glimpse of the tools and platforms that will transform what and how we build in the future. This includes…

AR/VR Track

The introduction of Augmented and Virtual reality to the Future Decoded line up is bound to be a huge draw. Unfortunately, we have to keep the content on these three sessions under wraps for just a little longer, but you can expect top speakers with up to the minute breaking content! 

The AI Story

Alongside the AR/VR revolution this year has seen the AI explosion and a growing number of useful machine learning and bot technologies being released. The Microsoft AI story is told here by our very own Technical Evangelists Amy Nicholson, Martin Kearn, Simon Michael, jamie Dalton and a guest speaker Brennon Williams. Their sessions will cover “Can Machine Learning predict whether you’ll come to my talk?”, “Cognitive Services in Action” and “Introducing the Microsoft Bot Framework” this promises to be a fascinating blend of cutting edge technology all in one place! 


The Universal Windows Platform story is one that is landing across all device formats and this year we have two of our very own top performers to excite you Mike Taulty and Andy Wigley. Here’s Mike’s description of their track.

“The big news in the Universal Windows Platform world is the release of the Anniversary Update 1607 which brings with it a slew of new features for the UWP developer both in terms of the platform, the tooling, the devices and the Windows Store.

There's so much in the Anniversary Update that we are giving over the entire 3 sessions of this track to provide a walkthrough of what the Anniversary Update brings to you as a developer targeting Windows 10 and the UWP.

We have our two, local presenters - Andy Wigley and Mike Taulty who are going to take you through features in Visual Studio and code. Each session can be attended without attending any of the others and each session will focus on 3 key topics in 20-minute bite-sized chunks.”

Cross Platform Mobile – Xamarin

The addition of Xamarin to the Microsoft family made huge news earlier this year. To talk us through the cross platform mobile application world we have assembled some great external speakers as well as our own Mike james to cover everything from Connected Azure Apps, to better algorithms for mobile apps. 


The final three areas we have for your edification are the Web technologies, IoT and Data platforms full of SQL, .Net core and IoT stories – watch this space for more information.

If all that sounds interesting...

We would love to join us! Spaces are going fast, so hit the link below, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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