Watch TechDays Online September 2016 on-demand

Microsoft UK TechDays Online 2016 took place a few days ago, with over 5000 attendees over 5 days. We have picked out some of the best sessions we recommend you shouldn't miss…

For those uninitiated, TechDays Online is our free training event by leading MVPs and Community Leaders that covers everything what's hot in the world of IT and app development. The event in September was broadcast live from our Microsoft Campus in Reading, and each day covered a different topic:

  • ·Monday, 12 September: Explore the world of Data Platform and BOTs
  • Tuesday, 13 September: DevOps in practice
  • Wednesday, 14 September: A day at the Office!
  • Thursday, 15 September: The inside track on Azure and UK Datacenter
  • Friday, 16 September: Find out more about Artificial Intelligence

If you missed any of the days or fancy re-watching sessions you particularly found useful, you can do it right now on Channel 9. If you're in a hurry, however, below we've picked sessions that we think you absolutely shouldn't miss:

  • Compelling visuals in Power BI
    Compelling visuals PowerBI

    Did you know that 78.4% of statistics are made up on the spot? In this session, Prathy will show how easily we can extract UK Properties data from different data sources and create stunning data visualisations using Power BI.

Crimes Against Statistics
Did you know that bullet-points with statistical data are 63.7% more believable than bullet-points without? Ex-MVP and now Microsoft Architect Gary Short explores how to get the right results and analysis from your data.

Cooking up infrastructure using Azure Resource Manager and Chef
In this session, Chef Expert and Azure MVP Stuart Preston will discuss and demonstrate using ARM templates to provision complete infrastructures in Azure, as well as taking a look at how to use the Chef toolset to develop and test your Infrastructure as Code across multiple platforms inside the Azure platform.

Introduction to Microsoft and DevOps
DevOps is the answer! What was the question again? DevOps is without doubt one of the hottest topics in IT right now. In this presentation Steve Thair from DevOpsGuys will talk about the lessons DevOpsGuys learnt from working with customers to achieve their business goals, by following DevOps philosophies, and how you can avoid falling into some of the pitfalls of “Doing DevOps”.

Using Azure with Xamarin
Using Azure Mobile services in Xamarin is getting easier by the day. In this session Garry Whittaker, will take you through setting up Azure for a Xamarin project from scratch. He will show in code how this is implemented from within Xamarin.

Red, White and Azure: The Microsoft Cloud in the UK
Microsoft Azure is coming to the UK with new datacentres and regions. David Goon, Microsoft UK Senior Tech Evangelist, walks through the latest about what Azure coming to the UK means to you and your business, including the thorny issue of data sovereignty versus residence.

The Unsung Heroes of Azure
With over 500 services it’s hard to keep up with all the great stuff in Azure. In this session, Dave and Mark will introduce you to their favourite bits of Azure that don’t get enough lovin’.

These are some of our favourite sessions from the September TechDays Online. Have you got any favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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