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The @TechNetUK #InnovateIT events are changing – Find out how and why.


One of the most noticeable differences between the ‘Old World’ and the new Mobile first, cloud first world of Microsoft is that the content rarely stays the same for more than a few months.

This rapidly changing theme has an impact everywhere, the products, the training courses, exam content and now to our very own @TechNetUK #InnovateIT IT Camps.

For the last six months we have been running a series of events with hands-on labs and audience participation covering What’s new in Windows 10 Enterprise, What’s new in Windows Server 2016 and What’s new in Cloud Infrastructure based on Azure Resource Manager templates.

Well, out with the old and in with the new we have three new areas of content with right up to date material and labs to use. Please note you still need to bring your own device to use the labs.

This device only needs to have internet access and a browser. A keyboard is highly recommended as the iPad / Tablet without keyboard experience is hard to use.

A screen size in excess of 8” is also recommended , especially if your eyes are as old and tired as mine are.

The new areas we are covering between March and July are:


Empowering IT to protect and enable productivity

This one day event covers the following topics

1.Identity and Access Management

2.Increase productivity and reduce helpdesk costs with self-service and SSO experiences

3.Manage and control access to corporate resources

4.Mobile Device and Application Management

5.Information Protection


Increasing efficiency, and scalability with Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure

This one day event covers the following topics

1.Datacenter Infrastructure

2.Azure Infrastructure


This one day event covers the following topics

1.Introducing the Microsoft Azure Stack

2.Visibility, Insights and Security Analytics with the Operations Management Suite

4.Cloud-Enabled Protection with the Operations Management Suite

5.Hybrid Automation with the Operations Management Suite

The days takes the form of a mixture of lab exercises, demonstrations, presentations and useful group chats about areas of technology that will be key to most if not all businesses over the next few months and years.

This obviously keeps us in the @TechNetUk office on our toes in a technical learning way, which is good. It also means we can come around the country and pass on the latest greatest advances in the Microsoft world to you all.

Register HERE to attend, the site is being updated to reflect these changes over the next few days so remember to come back if they are not yet available.

Come along and meet your friendly neighbourhood Technical Evangelists and Microsoft MVPs get learning the future of IT.

You can also keep up with the topics at the Channel9 portal and the Microsoft Virtual Academy

Finally you can also practice the skills we demonstrate in the #InnovateIT events by using the TechNet Virtual Labs

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