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2015 was the TechNet UK Blog’s strongest year since its formation some five-and-a-half years ago. We saw a record number of readers, reached 11k followers on our @TechNetUK Twitter channel and grew our network of expert contributors from within the IT Pro community. In the spirit of awards season, it is these community contributors, old and new, that we want to celebrate in our annual honours list. Without their great work, giving up time in their busy schedules, the TechNet UK Blog would be a very different blog indeed (if it even existed!).

With so many fantastic contributors, identifying the top 10 for 2015 was a difficult process. After much deliberation – and a lot of math – we finally got there!

Gavin Payne Gavin Payne A Microsoft Certified Architect and Microsoft Certified Master, Gavin Payne is one of our stand-out bloggers. He is a regular contributor of top articles, covering topics across the IT Pro spectrum. His article, What IoT technologists can learn from F1, proved massively popular on Twitter – people are still tweeting about it to this day!
Ed Jones Ed Jones It shouldn’t be a surprise that Firebrand’s Ed Jones features on our awards list. The star blogger repeated his feat of 2014, providing us with more articles in 2015 than anyone else. Ed specialises in IT training and certifications, with his top article covering Getting ready for Windows Server 2016.
Paul Winstanley Paul Winstanley Nobody came close to Paul Winstanley when it came to number of readers. His article, Windows 10 Internet of Things, was the best performing blog article of the year. Another one of his articles, Microsoft Edge: The new fast browser for Windows 10, was not far behind!
Rick Delgado Rick Delgado Freelance tech writer Rick Delgado is one of our most prolific bloggers, producing exciting and thought provoking articles every month. His focus is on new technologies and how they can help us and our planet, providing something a bit different to the blog. Rick’s latest article, Chief Information Officers: Pioneering change, is well worth a read.
RichardSiddaway Richard Siddaway MVP Richard Siddaway is our go-to PowerShell expert. When he’s not flying around the world talking at global PowerShell events, we are very lucky to have him write for us. His PowerShell series is one of the biggest series on the blog. If you haven’t had a chance to read any of it yet, here’s Why you need to learn PowerShell.
Peter Egerton Peter Egerton Microsoft System Center Consultant Peter Egerton produced much of our top performing Windows 10 related content last year. The Community Leader for the Windows Management User Group (WMUG) proved a popular writer among our readers – most notably with Windows 10 deployment in your business: where to begin.
Vadym Fedorov Vadym Fedorov Solutions Architect Vadym Fedorov is a bit different to most of our contributors – he writes for us from Eastern Europe! In 2015, Vadym won our Learning at Work Week competition with his article Learn, learn and once again, learn!. The article looked at how you can continue keeping your knowledge up to date.
David Dixon David Dixon IT Consultant David Dixon may have only written two articles for the blog in 2015, but what two articles they were! Both DNS: The key to a successful Office 365 migration, and Office 365…the journey continues were massive hits, catapulting David to second place in the number of readers for 2015.
Alan Richards Alan Richards Office 365 MVP Alan Richards produced two of the best performing pieces of careers content in 2015: How to get the skills you need for a modern IT universe and How moving to the cloud can benefit your career. Alan is a regular speaker and blogger so you can expect to see him out and about at events!
Colin Chapman Colin Chaplin Freelance Infrastructure Architect Colin Chaplin has been one of our top contributors for the past few years. His article, File considerations when moving to the cloud, was one of the top performing articles in 2015 and is well worth a read!

Of course, there are many fantastic contributors who could have made this list, we are truly grateful to each and every one of them!

Who has been your favourite contributor? Let us know below!

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