UK IT Camps are back.

After our Summer break the UK IT Pro team are back with a bang.

Next week we are running our first two IT Camps

3rd November Manchester City Centre

4th November Leeds City Centre

These two camps focus on Microsoft Azure but we have a whole list of exciting things coming up between now and May next year.

So first, what is an IT Camp?

An IT Camp is a free hands-on training experience hosted by our IT Evangelists. These camps run between 0900 and 1700 and are at least 60% hands-on labs.

To take part you need to bring with you a device that can connect to the internet and run a modern browser. It does help if you have local admin privileges but that is not always necessary.

Now, what is the agenda for these camps?

The days starts with coffee and refreshments and launches fairly fast into the content, followed by a series of hands on labs to demonstrate and test the technologies being taught.

The aim is to give you a better idea of the capabilities of the specific technologies involved.

What is the content?

Between now and Christmas we are covering two main topics

Microsoft Azure and Windows 10.

Azure – What’s new in Cloud Infrastructure

What’s new in Cloud Infrastructure: Improving Datacenter Flexibility with Microsoft, Open Source and other technologies

Embrace infrastructure in the cloud while maximizing current resources and improving datacenter flexibility to deploy new technologies. Attend this free one-day training event to get the knowledge needed to integrate cloud solutions with existing on-premises datacenter without sacrificing security, control, reliability and scalability. Experience how advanced Azure infrastructure services enable you to provide reliable data access while maximizing productivity across platforms—Open Source (OSS), Microsoft and other.

Join Microsoft experts and learn to:

* Leverage a public cloud solution to increase reliability of disaster recovery using Azure Site Recovery

* Enhance virtualization performance in the cloud for different workloads

* Enable faster and easier deployment using Azure Resource Manager templates and GIT

* Design compute and storage infrastructure to improve performance and enhance security through Azure Networking infrastructure

* Boost secure data access with identity solutions via Azure Active Directory

* Minimize errors and save time with advanced automation using PowerShell and DSC extensions in your infrastructure

Join this IT Innovation Series event for first hand experiences with real-world scenarios around Microsoft Azure. Browse more events on additional topics.

Audience: IT operations/infrastructure professionals

Prerequisites:  Cloud management, virtualization, security, and storage experience.  An interest in understanding Azure Infrastructure solutions.

Windows 10 – in the Enterprise

What’s new in Windows 10 Enterprise: Increasing Security, Predictability, and Compatibility

Experience the most innovative and reliable Windows yet! Windows 10 brings increased stability and predictability to your organization, while minimizing risk. Attend this free one-day training event to explore new servicing, security, and management features that enable corporate data access across devices and platforms while allowing you to maintain control over those devices.

Join Microsoft experts and learn to: 

  • Help ensure application compatibility with new and legacy LOB apps with Microsoft Edge and IE 11.
  • Implement security and identity capabilities through Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Hello/Passport, Device Guard, Enterprise Data Protection, as well as Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Get hands-on with Windows as a Service by managing Current Branch and Long Branch scenarios.
  • Create and configure deployment and management packages using Microsoft Mobile Device Management and Microsoft Intune.

Join this IT Innovation Series event for first-hand experiences with real-word scenarios around Windows 10.

Audience: IT operations/infrastructure professionals

Prerequisites Windows devices, apps and users security, management, and provisioning experience. An interest in the latest innovative capabilities in Windows 10, Azure AD, and Intune.

Register for Manchester here and Leeds here


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