Happy SysAdmin Day to all!

Today’s the day for celebrating all of the great work our SysAdmins do to ensure that we have a tech-tastic day, everyday! It’s a day to come together, pat our SysAdmins on the back and share some cake (hint hint):

The day of a SysAdmin can be a tough and stressful one, so for this special day we’ve created a little something we hope will bring much cheer: The 10 people you’ll meet when working as a SysAdmin

The Technical Know-it-all

There’s always that one person who has come to you with their problem because they can’t fix it, which is strange because they know everything there is to know (and a lot more than you!)


The Over-grateful

This is the person who thanks you endlessly and passionately, shaking your hand and sometimes even going as far as offering to buy you a drink in the pub, just because you reset their password

Over grateful1

The Totally Dependent

They have come to you with a corrupted USB, on it sits their life’s work…the only copy. Helping them is no longer just a case of solving a technical issue, it’s a matter of life and death. They repeatedly tell you that they ‘have’ to get their data back otherwise life is just not worth living. Never have you held so much power


The Over-Emotional

It has been nearly two hours since their device would last connect to the network, they’ve tried turning it off and on again multiple times and yet the issue remains. By the time they come to you they’re bordering on hysterical, how can it be that their computer no longer connects? “Why does this always happen to me?” they shriek through tears

Over Emotional3

The Insatiable Thirst for Knowledge

There is always one individual with a burning desire to understand everything. Their commitment is as awe-inspiring as it is infuriating. Resolving an issue for these individuals involves not merely fixing the problem, but explaining everything there is to know about the entire subject area.

Thirst for knowledge1

The Blame it on the Device

That person who is absolutely certain that the device has just broken. They have been using computers for twenty years and never encountered this problem before, it must be the shoddy craftsmanship. They don’t make them like they used to

Blame the Device1

The Super-Angry

“How dare this computer defy me!” This is the person to whom the system takes on human characteristics. It’s not a case of it not working as they expect, but of it deliberately breaking to spite them. Such anger is rare, occasionally scary, and nearly always funny.

Super Angry1

The One who is scared of new Tech

They come to you with a laptop running Windows 98. For 17 years it has appeared impervious to the effects of time, but now its 3.5-inch high-density floppy disk drive has failed and they need your help. You suggest that perhaps it’s time to get a new computer, their face turns to a look of pure fear. It’s all too advanced for them

Scared of new tech1

The I’d rather be somewhere else

They have only just sat down and they’re already checking their watch, sighing, looking around and tapping on the desk. “How long will it take?” they ask, “how long is a piece of string?” you reply. You could solve their issue in two-seconds and it wouldn’t be fast enough

Rather be somewhere else1

The First-timer

The newbie, here on work experience or fresh out of school. They’re here for a “quick set-up”, which you just know will take hours. When you think you’re finally done, and they are starting to walk away, they’ll ask you how to setup the printers

First Timer1

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