Windows 10: Ready for business

One billion devices – within the next two to three years, that’s the target for Windows 10. It’s ambitious, but achievable. It’s a goal that cannot be met without widespread workspace adoption and if Microsoft wishes to make this a reality we must prove to IT Pros why changing OS is worthwhile to both them and their company.

Early figures suggest that Microsoft has been hitting the right note: a recent SpiceWorks1 study of 500 IT Pros across North America and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) found that an overwhelming 94% of those surveyed were interested in Windows 10, with 60% saying that their IT Department had already evaluated a preview version.

Who says good things in life can’t be free?

But why are IT Pros getting so excited? It appears that for many the free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to 10 is the biggest seller for the Windows 10 package: 55% recognised the free upgrade as the most enticing factor, with 63% suggesting that the free offer made them more likely to upgrade in the first year.

Windows 10 appears to have changed the way IT Pros think about operating systems; 69% indicated that in the past they typically changed OS on an as-needed basis, at the end-of-support. Now it is the free upgrade, not end-of-support, that has them thinking about the latest OS.

Business or Pleasure? Or both?

SpiceWorks’ findings suggest that, of the IT Pros surveyed, nearly 75% intend to adopt Windows 10 for business within two-years. If this finding proves representative of all IT Pros then Microsoft will certainly be in a strong position to meet the “one billion devices” landmark. Furthermore, don’t let the two-year time scale fool you, it’s important to remember that the free upgrade offer only lasts for one year, so expect to see the majority of businesses upgrade within the first year, not the second.

The great news doesn’t end there, IT Pros are not just looking to implement Windows 10 in the workplace: a staggering 75% of those surveyed plan to adopt Windows 10 at home within the first year of its release. Many Pros expressed a desire to gain an understanding of the new OS at home right from the start in order to make implementation in the workplace a smoother process.

New features aplenty!

Windows 10 is packed with new features, but what did SpiceWorks' study find to be the most enticing to IT Pros?

It returns!

Iconic functionality re-imagined - the Start button returns. When asked what Start Menufeatures they found most attractive in the Windows 10 package, IT Pros overwhelmingly (64%) pointed to the return of the Start button.

Under lock and key

Windows 10’s enhanced security features were ranked highly for just over half (51%) of IT Pros surveyed. At a time of increasingly high-profile and wide-reaching cyber attacks, it is unsurprising to see IT Pros excited for Windows 10’s advanced security and identity protection.

Ease of upgrade

Upgrading to Windows 10 through Windows Updater in a mere 3GB download means that changing OS is easier than ever: 39% of IT Pros recognised ease of upgrade as one of the most enticing features of Windows 10.


One-in-five IT Pros recognised the new Microsoft Edge browser as a highly MicrosoftEdgecompelling feature of Windows 10. With a speed that outshines its rivals, Cortana integration and Web Notes (only a few of its new components), it is not hard to see why Edge is such an anticipated feature.

For more information on Edge see Paul Winstanley’s Microsoft Edge article here.

One day to go!

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1Figures and findings included in this article were taken from Windows 10: Will it Soar (SpiceWorks, 2015); a study carried out on 500 IT Pros across North America and EMEA investigating their “expectations and plans around Windows 10”.

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