Winning clients’ trust and safeguarding their data

This is the first article in a series of Customer Tech Stories. Here we find out how one company (BESecureMail) have utilised Azure to provide a scalable, resilient and European Data Directive compliant solution to safeguarding their client' data.


Approximately 145 billion emails are sent every day with a lot of these containing sensitive information which can expose people to identity theft.

BeSecureMail have come up with a solution to this problem and have created a plugin for installation in Outlook or Apple Mail which helps make sending and receiving email simple, safe and secure.

All you have to do is install a free and simple plugin that reveals a 'Secure Email' button in your email client 'ribbon' thereby allowing you to continue to use your normal email address(es) and preferred system but retain full control of your message content. 

Message text and attachments are fully encrypted when you send using this button and the recipients identity can be confirmed before they are permitted to access the secure ‘payload’ - You can find out more here.

The Challenge

Internet usage has grown exponentially in the last two decades with over 3 billion worldwide users, around 40% of the world’s entire population[1].

The frequency of online fraud remains a challenge to those that use the internet, in no small part attributable to the interception of email / Instant Message content and its potentially sensitive payload, no surprise given the sheer volume of traffic.

In 2014 over 191 billion email[2] and 50 billion Instant Mobile Messages[3] were sent every day. The UK government is getting serious about cyber-crime[4] and looking to the professional services sector to lead on the subject. 

The challenge is to allow the message sender to... 

  1. Verify the identity of the recipients before it is delivered
  2. Withdraw access - ‘revocation’ rights
  3. Monitor / control successful opening – timing & number of attempts
  4. Use existing email address(es)
  5. Use existing email systems

BESecureMail have created a solution to this challenge.  

Why Azure?

The Microsoft cloud provides a scalable, resilient and European Data Directive compliant solution, enabling BESecureMail (BESM) to act as the senders ‘key management’ system, wrapping encryption and identity services around the users normal email infrastructure whilst utilising the sending organisations consumer identity security parameters.

The message sender can ultimately determine where their encrypted message content and attachments reside, retaining full control at all times in order to satisfy Data Protection Issues.


Azure has offered the perfect platform for hosting a highly resilient key management service that is so critical to the delivery of our secure messaging infrastructure.

Virtual machines provide infinite scalability and Azure websites serve the API capabilities that will also be utilised in ‘enterprise’ implementations. The Azure SQL database technology underpins the offering with Visual studio and team foundation providing the managed source code repository to support the ongoing evolution of the system.

All in all a fully integrated Azure implementation that also utilises the notification services so crucial for mobile device Support.


Great post written by Paul Holland. If you have a Customer Tech Story that you would like to feature on the TechNet UK Blog then please do get in contact. 


[2] Source: The Radicati Group – email statistics report 2013-2017

[3] Source: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited – SMS versus instant messaging: value versus volume 2014

Mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows coming soon.

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