IT Pro New Year’s Honours List 2015

Every year, the IT Pro team are very lucky that we get to partner with a wider virtual IT Pro Team that regularly contribute to our activities. These individuals can be found not working for Microsoft but in our partner community, our MVPs and even our customers. These ladies and gentlemen take time out of their busy schedules to contribute through blog articles, providing insight and joining us on the road. As a team we wanted to recognise their contributions in the form of the IT Pro New Year’s Honours List. 

Early in December we met to discuss nominations, and established a long-list of individuals who have been valuable partners this year. After much deliberation, this list was trimmed to the top 25 individuals you see below. Read on to find out a little more about the Top 10 Honourees, and the 15 superstars who recieve a well-deserved honourable mention. Of course, there are many others that didn't make the list this year, but we remain truely thankful for their contributions.

This year’s IT Pro New Year’s Honours List:

 1. Jonathan Noble (MVP)

Jonathan has been an avid supporter of the team for a large number of years, be that working with us at Tech Ed, running local events (in partnership with peers) and providing us with PowerShell insights. As part of his work as an MVP he’s supported the community, sharing his knowledge on the subject. This November he presented at Future Decoded. @jonoble

 2. Rik Hepworth (MVP)

Rik is the type of chap that will support (if he can), no matter what the task. He is equally happy being front of stage as well as supporting those at front. We’ve worked with him on a number of activities, including Tech Days Online and Future Decoded. He has also provided excellent support as we’ve travelled up and down the country delivering IT Camps. @rikhepworth

 3. Michael Taylor

Has supported the team presenting at both Tech Days Online and more recently Future Decoded. He regularly provides the team with open and honest feedback on our approaches to market. He has also blogged for us, in particular sharing his experiences of the Surface Pro 3. @1MikeyT

 4. Patrick Lownds (MVP)

Patrick is our man from HP. He’s another superstar MVP who has been on the road with us at IT Camps. He is an accomplished writer and has jointly written a most excellent book on Windows Server. Patrick is very active on social media and we regularly see him answering questions or amplifying our messaging. @PatrickLownds

 5. Robert Hogg (MVP)

Boss to his friends, leads the team at Black Marble. He is always willing to support the team, presenting at events and sharing customer stories. Most recently he stepped in at the 11th hour at Future Decoded.  We had a customer pull out on the morning of the event and Boss very kindly agreed to deliver a session to cover. @RobertHogg

 6. Ed Jones

Ed works for Firebrand who are one of our Gold Learning Partners. He is our star blogger for the TechNet UK Blog this last year, providing us with the most articles in 2014. His articles have ranged from SQL Server certifications to marketing. Ed has been consistent throughout the year and is great to work with. @EdgeMcghee

 7. Mark Everest

Mark is Mr Dev Ops at the Lotus F1 Team. He’s been kind enough to share the team’s experiences as they adopt this approach to their development. He’s presented and contributed to thought leadership to this area through our blogs. @MarkJEverest


 8. Linda Smith

We’ve partnered with Linda for a number of years now through her work at Global Knowledge. Andrew has regularly presented with her at events such as the VM User Group. A few months back, Linda gave up a number of evenings to join us in delivering some pilot career events in London where we were helping IT Pros develop their careers. @VirtualGirlGK

 9. Peter Bryant

Peter (or PJ, as you may know him) has been a standout contributor to a variety of TechNet activities in 2014, including numerous blog articles and provision of his encyclopaedic TechEd Europe knowledge. He continues to be a pillar of the IT community and is also an active member of the Microsoft Technical Community Council (MTCC), through which we look forward to working with him further over the next year. @pjbryant

 10. Mark Wilson

In previous years, Mark has made great contributions to the wider IT industry through his authoring of whitepapers and coverage in the technology press. In 2014 we were thrilled that he took up our invitation to join the Microsoft Technical Community Council (MTCC), where he has constantly provided valuable feedback on upcoming products, events and more. He continues to author a popular blog, as well as being active on social media. @markwilsonit

11. Richard Conway (MVP) - @azurecoder

12. Jamie Bryant - @MrCloudOS

13. Mike Halsey (MVP) - @PCSupportTV

14. Peter Egerton - @PeterEgerton

15. Jen Stirrup (MVP) - @jenstirrup

16. Chris Webb (MVP) - @Technitrain

17. Mathew Reynolds – @b00mer

18. Marcus Robinson - @MR_ICT

19. James Roland-Jones (MVP) - @jrowlandjones

20. Andy Radcliffe 

21. Chris Rhodes (MVP) - @ChrisReBoot

22. Ben Lee - @Bibbleq

23. Dave Ackroyd - @learnpowershell

24. Colin Chaplin - @ColinChaplin

25. Andrew Hancock - @einsteinagogo

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