Mobile Technology – Making Xmas Better

 Susan Smith, IT Pro Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

Everyone knows that Mobile Technology is making everyone’s lives easier. But have you ever considered how it can make or break Xmas – especially for Children and Santa Clause.

In the spirit of the Twelve Days of Xmas, here are twelve ways in which Mobile Technology makes Xmas better and Santa much more efficient

1. Discourage hand-written Xmas lists to Santa. They are so last-century and not so environmentally-friendly. Instead, encourage your children to create a shared OneNote Notebook (hosted in the Cloud of course), granting access to each of your children and giving your parents Admin rights. A deadline will be enforced – and this Notebook will become read-only at that time so children please be aware of the timescales. Don’t worry – the parents will grant access rights to Santa after the list is locked for Data Processing. Remember Kids - Santa much prefers that you include accurate web links to individual items (with secondary links if the primary source becomes unavailable). This will help with your Performance Review specified in Item Number 3

2. For those items which are difficult to source, and where there is limited supply, Children must place reminders for each scarce item in each parent’s calendar. All Parents share their Calendar with Santa so he can collate all this information from One Application and have an efficient Schedule. This will ensure that Santa is not left red-faced on the day through lack of planning.

3.To help Santa scale more effectively, Parents will create a shared OneNote Notebook containing the Performance Review of their children’s behaviour, using this year’s Performance Template. Santa will have access to this & this will help him to determine whether the children have been ‘naughty or nice’ this year. He will use Data Science to analyse this information and determine where the children are on the Bell Curve of Naughty or Nice

4.In the spirit of competition, Kids can review their ranking in the NaughtyorNice App and the App can suggest Actions to improve their rankings, similar to LinkedIn rankings as illustrated below:

5.Data Science proves once again invaluable to Santa when determining the appropriate gifts for a given child, using an algorithm which cross references their Annual Performance Review Outcome and their gift list. A draft list is created when the Xmas list is initially locked, but the Annual Performance Review Data is not locked until Xmas Eve so the list will fluctuate depending on the child’s behaviour

6.Everyone knows that Santa won’t stop at a house until a child is asleep. This has impacted on his delivery SLAs in the past. However, now Santa uses The Internet of Things to gather data from wearables which check whether each child is indeed asleep when Santa is visiting. If the child is awake, Santa is aware without stopping his sleigh, and using IoT we can feed this info into his GPS to re-route him to his next stop. Using Data Science & IoT will maximise efficiency on his route to ensure no child is left without a parcel and no Xmas rules are broken.

7.As well as using GPS to map an efficient route around the globe, Santa can also take advantage of local ‘Click & Collect’ services offered by websites. This will ensure his sleigh is not overloaded and he doesn’t carry a heavy load very far.

8.Santa is becoming health-conscious and although he doesn’t want to disappoint the children who leave a mince pie out for him, he must cut down on his fat intake. To combat this, Santa has again used Data Science to analyse where he can realistically get his calories at different points around the globe. Those children in that particular area with the highest ranking in the NaughtyorNice App will have the honour of leaving him a mince pie. Also with strict drink driving laws, Santa can only have one shot of Brandy on the very first and the very last delivery.

9. Santa may prefer a bit of mood-lighting when he drops off the presents, so IoT allows anyone on twitter to control the colour of the Xmas tree lights in Your Front Room – so Santa can change the colour of the lights via a tweet.

10. Kids can use NORAD’s Santa Tracker to see where he is on his Xmas Eve Journey and make sure they get to bed on time.

11. On Xmas Day, any dissatisfied children will appeal via the NaughtyorNice App on their final ranking and their final gift list. All appeal judgements however, will be carried over to Next Year’s Annual Performance Review.

12. Merry Xmas

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