Nominate your Technology Christmas Star and they could win a Surface Pro 3

These days we usually treat Boxing Day as “Christmas Part 2” – you eat some leftovers, watch some telly and maybe play with that new techy toy you got for Christmas. 

But once upon a time, Boxing Day had an identity all its own. Boxing Day was a day for giving back. It was a day when the wealthy would give to the poor using special alms boxes. 

It was also a day when the master of the house would give boxes of goodies to his staff, as a way of recognising all the extra work that went into delivering a perfect holiday season. 

This year, we want to return Boxing Day to its rightful place as a day to give back to those around you.

How? Simple: Think about that developer or IT pro in your workplace that really makes a difference. Somebody who's making a real positive impact on whatever project you're involved with - somebody who doesn't usually get the credit they deserve.

Think about that person who's always there to help whenever there's a technology crisis. That person who stays late to make sure you hit deadlines and produce high-quality work. Think about the person you and your workplace can't do without - your Technology Christmas Star.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do a little something special for them this holiday season?

Tell us why your Christmas Star is special and they’ll be entered into a drawing to win your choice of one of several exciting prizes, which includes an Xbox One, Lumia 925, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN subscription and Surface Pro 3. Big or small, every reason counts. 

  Maybe they helped you learn a new skill.

  Maybe they came up with an innovative solution to an old problem.

  Maybe they keep everyone smiling when the pressure is on.

  Maybe they just worked that little bit extra at a key moment in a project.

Whatever your reason, we want to help you recognise your Technology Christmas Star – and maybe help them win a little something special in the process.

Visit our Christmas Star page to leave your nomination. We’ll need your Christmas Star’s e-mail address to let them know if they’ve won, but we promise we won’t spam them with a bunch of ads. 

You can nominate as many people as you like – maybe your workplace has a few more stars than most. But you can’t nominate anyone more than once and you can’t nominate yourself (that would hardly be in the Boxing Day spirit).

You can do a little extra good this holiday season, just by recognizing your Christmas Star.

What are you waiting for? Nominate your Tech Christmas Star now!

Will you be nominating someone? Is there someone that springs to mind? Let us know in the comments section below or via @TechNetUK

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