IT Pro Team provide their top tips for sessions at TechEd Europe – plus win a trip to TechEd Europe!

Less than 2 months left until TechEd Europe 2014, this year being held in Fira, Barcelona from 28th - 31st October for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers. We all hope you’ll join us to develop your technical expertise through interaction with Microsoft and industry experts through deep hands-on learning and sharing. There's plenty of sessions of interest to attend why not check them out here.

Also, don't forget the UK IT Pro team are giving away four trips to this year's TechEd Europe. It is really easy to enter, all you need to do is upload a video demonstrating your technical talent to see if you’re the Kick-ass female IT Pro, Cloud Ninja and Rackman combined to control the Hybrid Cloud, the device management mastermind Dr Desktop, or the DevOps discoverer Captain Code! To find out more visit.

IT Pro Team's Top Tips for TechEd Europe

Exclusively for you, we've spoke to members of the UK IT Pro Team about which sessions they are most looking forward to and why. 

 1. Firstly, we spoke to Alex Guy who is the Social Media Community Manager and manages engagement with the UK IT Professional Community through Microsoft’s Social Media channels about which session he is planning on attending.

"I'm most looking forward to the breakout session CDP-B229 in which Mark Minasi and Mark Russionovich will be speaking on Cloud Computing.

Hailing from a Business & Economics background, my favourite session at TechEd 2012 in Amsterdam was Clouds and Your Organization: A (Former) Professional Economist's View for IT Pros (you can still view it on Channel9, thoroughly recommended) with Mark Minasi. This was for a number of reasons, not least Mark's lively and engaging presentation style!

Therefore I can't wait to not only see Mark present again, but also to hear how his perspective on Cloud contrasts with that of Mark Russinovich, being such a prominent individual within not only Microsoft but the IT industry as a whole. One things for sure, it will definitely be both insightful and entertaining!"

 2. Andrew Fryer a Technical Evangelist, specialising in data center and all things data. When not blogging and making screencasts in the office he can be found presenting at various IT Professional events across the UK including TechEd, TechDays Online and IT Camps, IPExpo and SpiceWorld VMUG, he nominates session DBI-B218 and DBI-B321.

“My nomination is Roger Barga and you might be thinking who on earth is that, he’s the guy behind Machine learning and his team have been working hard to design this technology from scratch. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go out to Seattle last month to catch him presenting in person, but his enthusiasm and passion came across really well even on the recording. He tells a great story and he really explains the why and how of ML. He’s got 2 sessions in Barcelona and if I was new to Data analytics in the cloud then these would be the sessions to go to.”

3. Ed Baker a Technical Evangelist for Infrastructure IT Pros and avid blogger nominates session CDP-B312.

"I have had a great few hours trawling through the session content for TechEd Europe 2014.

Of the the sessions I am not presenting I am really looking forward to CDP-B312. The reason for choosing this session is that the whole EDI story relies on Identity and the Hybrid EDI story relies on connecting on-Premises and Azure based directories.

This technical deep dive will be just what the doctor ordered to skill up on just exactly how you can enable your end to end identity management solution using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Server 2012 R2.

4. Renee Van Veen a Technical Marketing Manager at Microsoft talks about who she would like to see. 

"There are some really great sessions planned over the course of TechEd which I am really excited about. If I had to pick one that really stands out for me, it would have to be the “Women in Technology: Your career as a journey – navigating for success” by Jacky Wright. It is becoming more prevalent that there is a shortage of technical females within the tech industry, so I think it is really important for woman to continually think about and plan their career journey within this industry. It is also really refreshing to learn from the experience of inspirational leaders such as Jacky."

5. Finally, we caught up with Dan Pilling the IT Pro Audience Lead and Acting Windows Azure Technical Marketing Lead. 

"I’ve tried to go for a great speaker who you wouldn’t expect me to nominate. There are lots of great evangelists speaking at Tech Ed, including our own Ed & Andrew, evangelists from around the world and Simon May who used to work with us in the UK but now lives in Redmond. It would have been all too easy to nominate one of those guys as you know you’re going to get a great technical session.

Instead, I’ve gone for someone who I’ve personally seen present a number of times internally and externally. Eduardo spends the majority of his time working with real customers helping them define their strategies and implement them. He will be delivering two sessions at Tech Ed, the one I’ve gone for is focused on how to develop a successful hybrid cloud strategy.

This is a breakout session and thus by definition should be very interactive. If you are thinking about adopting a strategy where you want to move some of your workloads to the cloud or you're halfway through a move, this session is equally useful. If you want to get a flavour of his world then follow him on Twitter: @ekassner."


Are you going to TechEd Europe this year? Which session(s) are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below, or via @TechNetUK. Also, don't forget to apply for the TechEd competition.

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    Ryan Boud one of the TechEd Europe Challenge winners of 2013 talks about what he had to do as part of the TechEd Challenge 2013 and also his experience of being at TechEd Europe.

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    The TechNet UK Blog is 5 years old today and boy it’s been a good 5 years getting to know you all

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