10 things that wouldn’t be, without your trusty SysAdmin!

Happy SysAdmin day to all!


Today’s the day we get to sing the praises of our trusty System Administrator’s, without you guys and girls life would be a whole lot harder to keep on track!

In many IT Departments across the country today, employee’s and users alike will be united in there appreciation for the tech-tastic work that you do!

Cake Team

The TechNet team celebrating SysAdmin day this morning at Microsoft Campus TechLink

We’ve reached out to the community to ask what the ‘Top 10 things that wouldn't be without your trusty SysAdmin!’ were, thanks to @geoffEVE and everyone who contributed.

Without our trusty system admins there would not be:

  1. Anyone growling at users who are asking "When will the system be back up" one time too many
    Source: Puppet labs

  2. Anyone cursing the executive that circulated the warnings about the "e-mail virus"

    Source: Tumblr

  3. Anyone buried under the mound of paper, manuals and spare parts that just fell onto them
    Source: Sesame street / Panic dots

  4. Anyone to inform users over 100 times "NO you cannot use your old address after our company domain name changes; Please read the announcements that we have been posting for the last four months"
    Source: Photobucket

  5. Anyone to backup anything (or everything)
    Source: Pleated-jeans.com

  6. Anyone who truly understands the command line, NOT THE GUI
    puppet labs
    Source: Pupppet labs

  7. Anyone to document things so that he/she is not disturbed whilst on holiday
    Source: suksao999/suksao999

  8. Anyone to not make the same mistakes twice
    Same mistake
    Source: funnyjunk

  9. Anyone to ensure that he/she is the boss, not the kit they are working on
    Source: The Huffington Post

  10. Anyone who knows all the keyboard shortcuts
    CC FOD

How are you celebrating SysAdmin day? Can you think of anymore things that wouldn’t be without your SysAdmin? If so, comment below or let us know via @technetuk #sysadminday

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The TechNet UK Blog is 5 years old today and boy it’s been a good 5 years getting to know you all

  2. Anonymous says:

    The TechNet UK Blog is 5 years old today and boy it’s been a good 5 years getting to know you all

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