Congratulations to our MVA Hero winners!

A few months ago, the UK IT Pro team introduced the MVA Hero competition to the community to encourage all of you IT Pro's to power up your careers and get trained in the latest technology through the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). The MVA offers valuable technical training available to consume anytime, at no cost for all levels - its super easy, and has some really great content!


In the MVA Hero competition, IT Pros were encouraged to train themselves to match the skills of one of the ‘MVA SuperSix’ hero characters, and by doing so were rewarded with an MVA Hero figurine. There were six heroes to collect (from left to right in above picture): Cloud Ninja, Captain Code, Rackman, Dr Desktop, Hypervisor and Solid Server.


The second aspect of the competition was focused on sharing your MVA Hero stories with the UK IT Pro team, and each entry was judged on originality, technical skills demonstrated and personal workplace achievement that this training has influenced.


We are very pleased to announce the below winners who were selected by a panel of judges for their extraordinary efforts by powering up their career through MVA training.


 Main prize winner: Martin Baker (pictured holding his prize)


And here is his very clever winning poem:

An MCSA exam in 2012R2 was my date, and MVA helped me COM-u-NIC8.

Feeling lost in jargon, every step was a bungle, but MVA experts guided me through the jungle.

Server 2012 R2 explained as clearly as poss, goodness me – such a long way from DOS.


With MVA serving a daily delight,  my brain chewed up every byte.

Disc-tinctive variety and visual display, each MVA second – I enjoyed, data day. 

Computing my passion, learning my goal, with MVA and Microsoft, I felt in CTRL. 


RAM upgrade installed and SSD inserted,  brain cells alerted and boredom deserted.

Hours of MVA (I gave it a real bash), my brain cells basically took a new flash.

No more tacky, cheap mistakes, I CD difference an MVA expert makes.


Lots of revision and a practice test, I felt a bit more confident - sat in my MVA “vest”.

A few days before, I had to cram, but thrilled to bits, I passed the exam!

Coming home & listening to Helen Shapero, I realized I just might be - an MVA Hero!?


Other MVA Hero story winners:

Craig Jaques

David Coxon

Dave Green

Edd Douse

Peter Coley

David Margrie

Steven Hall

Chris Parker-Jones


You can still collect your MVA Hero figurines!

The MVA Hero figurines were so popular we have decided to extend the competition, so you are still able to get your hands on whichever superhero character takes your fancy, or you can collect all of them if you are up to the challenge! Sign up today at and get training!

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