Do you think you could judge a quality app? #ITProAppChallenge

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an app connoisseur as well as a datacentre expert, why not have a The UK AppChallenge - 1 copylook at the apps showcased within the UKAppChallenge and tell us what you think! You’ll also have the chance to win extra freebies - both in our overall competition and the exclusive TechNet weekly draw.

These apps have ALL been made by UK developers and because they’re made by home grown talent, we feel very strongly in highlighting and supporting. We thought our IT Pro audience may like to get involved and provide real and honest feedback to UK creative talent.

What’s the UKAppChallenge?
The UK AppChallenge has been running from March and has already had great impact on UK Developers.  Here's what Richard, a Dev at ‘Wales Interactive’ had to say about the initiative:

richard-pring-wales-interactive"Our participation within the App Challenge has been a great experience, the integration into our games was simple and the results have been amazing. We’ve seen a marked increase in user participation and cross application installs, the feedback from the users has all been positive. The challenge of downloading and finding new apps and games for rewards has created a large increase in downloads and meant that it has expanded to a user base to people who wouldn't normally download our games."

Would you like to help other British developers like Richard achieve their full potential? Just get involved with #ITProAppChallenge. Follow the instructions below to find out how…

Whats the #ITProAppChallenge?
The UK AppChallenge is open for all to participate, but we wanted to create a separate and exclusive IT Pro sub section of the competition, so we could gather a different perspective and fresh insight from a different audience.
We’d really appreciate and value your feedback on these apps. So as a way to thank you for that, we’re giving away a few freebies as part of the competition to those who enter.

What can you win?
We’ve a total of 2x prizes to 1 lucky winner chosen at random each week.
Up for grabs we have 1x Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD high-end webcam (capable of recording in 720hp & 30fps) and 1x Microsoft Optical Arc mouse, ideal for those on the go notebooks where workspace is premium.





How can you get involved?
All you need to do is follow the steps below, it’s as simple as sending a tweet and you’re entered in for a exclusive weekly prize draw.

Step 1. Download the ‘The UK AppChallenge’ App on Windows Store (Windows 8) and/or Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8). 

Step 2. Log in using your Microsoft ID account details to set up your ‘The UK AppChallenge’ account. 

Step 3. Check out the homepage for this weeks showcased apps.


Open the UK AppChallenge and select one of the showcased apps that you would like to share

Step 4. Check out and tweet the showcased apps to @TechNetUK using #ITProAppChallenge


Hover your mouse in the bottom right hand corner once you’ve selected an app from the list. This brings up the share option.

imageAfter selecting the sharing icon, choose to share this app via twitter. (You must have your social networking synced with your W8 device).

Tweet IT Pro
When the automated tweet is generated, add #ITProAppChallenge and @TechNetUK to the tweet before sharing. Then voilà!

Top tip: You can tweet as many times as you like (so long as each one is a different app) to increase your odds of winning that week’s prizes draw.

How to Win?
All valid entries that feature @technetuk and #ITProAppChallenge will be submitted for the prize draw.

Winning entries will be determined by a random draw conducted by Microsoft UK on at the end of each challenge week (i.e. on Sunday at 11:59 pm) and will be supervised by an independent adjudicator. Chances of winning depend on the number of entries received.

A maximum of one prize per eligible entry is allowed. Winners will be notified via @technetuk twitter account by within 3 days of a challenge finishing. The competition is running for 6 weeks, finishing on June 29th.
Each week you can win a Microsoft LifeCam and an Arc mouse.

We’ve highlighted three below to kick you off… just let us know what you think via the rating and review options in store.


Let us know how you are getting on by commenting below, or by reaching out to us @technetuk.

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