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I am still surprised at how many IT Professionals and developers haven’t made use of the Microsoft Virtual Academy to learn about Microsoft technologies and stay up do date as new versions are released. Each module has a basic test and decks to accompany the videos focused around a particular subject and they are graded to indicate how advanced they are.

One of the great things about MVA is how wide and deep the content is, but there isn’t really any sort of path through the courses as they might apply to your role e.g. which are the right Microsoft Azure courses to do, how do I get up to speed on Hyper-V with all the improvements in Windows Server 2012R2? 

So the TechNet UK team have a plan called MVA Hero to fix that and have some fun at the same time!  We wondered what sort of super heroes worked in a datacentre, what skills they would need, and mapped this onto the latest MVA courses.


Cloud Ninja is all about Azure and even if you aren’t planning to use Azure just yet it’s actually a great way to spin up VM’s and learn some of the Microsoft core technologies if you haven’t got a free server to use for evaluations.

Captain Code is getting to grips with PowerShell which will should give you time back in your day to do more MVA courses rather than clicking on endless dialog boxes to do repetitive tasks.

Dr Desktop will be all over Configuration Manager and In Tune as it’s no fun to fiddle with profiles applications on all the devices accessing corporate resources one by one.

RackMan understands how to turn Just a Bunch of |VMs (JBOV) into services that can scale, be costed and provisioned using self service just like a public cloud.

Hypervisor needs to efficiently allocate compute network and storage and provide quality of service to all of those to prevent noisy neighbours hogging resources.

Solid Server understand that while we have all seen Windows Server we haven’t seen all of Windows Server , and things like IP Address Management, storage spaces and VDI are all hidden away waiting to be turned on.

Taking the courses these heroes have done is a good starter and will help you get on the road to expertise and ultimately certification. Even if your are familiar with older versions it they’ll show you what’s new and may uncover some useful tips that you didn’t know was already in the product. For example, I did a talk in Leeds last week where no one knew about the Active Directory recycle bin in Windows Server 2008 R2, and at another event no one had seen IP address Management although everyone was running Windows Server 2012!

We are having a bit of fun with the MVA - when you sign up to MVA Hero you will receive a free t-shirt and then once you complete a badge, you will be rewarded with a stress ball hero figurine (collect all six!) to show you have earned the skills of the MVA SuperSix!

So to quote one of my colleagues on why she loves working at Microsoft “it’s all about learning and laughing”

Comments (4)

  1. Terry Taylor says:

    Do you receive a notification or email on earning your "badge"? I have a funny feeling I didn't use the email address for my MVA logon to register for this!

  2. Hi Terry, thanks for your note. You should receive confirmation of the badges you have completed by the end of this week. This will be sent to the email you registered with when signing up to the MVA Hero. Thanks, UK IT Pro team.

  3. Ryan Easte says:

    Sat 98-349 yesterday and Passed 🙂

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