Introducing Microsoft’s latest innovation: SmartClippy

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Introducing SmartClippy – the smart paperclip that connects everything in your life

We live in a world where new technologies arrive daily – it can be a struggle just to keep up. But what if there was a way to just … attach … new innovations to our lives? To usher in this new era of attachments, Microsoft is turning to an old friend with some new tricks up his sleeve.

Clippy has been there for Microsoft Office users since Office 97 – but with support for Office 2003 and Windows XP ending on 8 April, it’s time for everyone’s favourite office assistant to take on a new role.

“Microsoft announced the date for the end of Windows XP support back in 2007, so I’ve had a lot of time to plan my next move,” said Clippy. “And now I’m excited to finally announce the next chapter in my life. I’m going back to basics and doing what paper clips like me are born to do: Attach things to other things.”

Today Microsoft is proud to introduce SmartClippy, the one paperclip for everything in your life.

  • SmartClippy is lightweight, non-toxic and region-free for your convenience:

  • SmartClippy easily adds innovation to important business proposals:

  • SmartClippy makes it easy to take your work with you, wherever you go:

  • SmartClippy makes it easy to add social elements to old media:

  • SmartClippy makes it easy to attach anything to “The Cloud”:

  • Enterprise SmartClippy can handle even the toughest jobs:

  • SmartClippy can easily join together different development languages:

  • SmartClippy is infinitely scalable:

  • SmartClippy is easy to reconfigure to meet your needs:

  • SmartClippy is compatible with your existing workstation:

  • SmartClippy comes in a range of sizes and colours:

  • SmartClippy is easy to integrate into existing accessories:

  • SmartClippy is so simple a cat can use it:

SmartClippy is available now at leading electronics retailers, fine stationery stores, not-so-fine stationery stores, your company’s supply cabinet, behind sofa cushions and in bins.

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  1. Mark ( Editor) says:

    Clippy is back! Oh how I missed thee..

  2. alan says:

    O you so got me there ha ha

  3. August ( says:

    Clippy looks cute.

  4. BenBhavingBadly says:

    Right-Click > Animate!

    So many IT lessons at school… wasted…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Az új okosszerkezettel minden korábbinál hatékonyabban lehet dolgokat összekapcsolni, illetve összefűzni egymással

  6. Ed says:

    Can someone say April Fools?

  7. Seth Technet says:

    Oh god… Its Clippy!

  8. Amanda Lefebvre (Microsoft) says:

    Clippy has also gone to the cloud, check him out at

  9. Darkillusion( says:

    I remember always being annoyed at that little guy xD

  10. Chris Davies says:

    It will never work – hasn't been beta-tested as far as I can see.

  11. garrett says:

    It looks like you're making an April Fools Day joke…
    It doesn't look like you need help.
    ⬜ Don't show this again

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pingback from All fools’ day fights greatly: Large small hole places Sexy Back! | SiteXPS – All About Tech News and Site Experience

  13. Anonymous says:

    The TechNet UK Blog is 5 years old today and boy it’s been a good 5 years getting to know you all

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