Taking Care of Business: Using Yammer Social Analytics to Assess SharePoint Productivity

Ever wonder why and how social platforms in SharePoint are really increasing productivity and collaboration? Don't wonder. Get the facts. Find out how Yammer, the leading Social platform integrated into SharePoint portals, is creating better communication, engagement and collaboration within organizations internationally. Getting real data on Yammer activity will give you real insight on how it's not all talk, or yammer. 




By Leora Raivich from Intlock




Getting Ahead of the Crowd: Reaching SharePoint Recognition.

Floating around in the SharePoint lexicon today are the big buzz words social collaboration, engagement and of course, there’s the age old productivity. But where do you draw the line between chit chat and reality? Simple stats: analytics. Today’s not an age of “maybe if we did this” then our portal would improve.

Everyone’s running a rat race. Getting ahead of the game, being the top player in your league is always a goal. Just recently the Nielsen Norman Group released the announcement of the top 10 ten intranets of 2013. Who wouldn’t want to be on that list? The Worldwide Intranet Challenge also identified that social analytics was without a doubt a defining factor in content mining and increasing collaboration.

So being a part of an ever changing SharePoint community takes a few steps, but one of the big ones today is social. Understanding how social is making yelling across the hall, or across the Atlantic Ocean for some, an unnecessary means for collaborating is simple.

What’s the Catch? Engagement and Collaboration with Yammer and Analytics

In July 2012, we saw the summer Olympics in the UK, a crazy power outage in India, and the catalyst for Microsoft SharePoint’s social revolution, or enterprise social Olympics – the acquisition of Yammer, the leading social enterprise platform. Since then, Yammer has been taking SharePoint users by storm, with trends indicating the top 10 intranets of the year reaching their status in part with the increased use of social.

While Yammer, as its name generates, is what may seem another means of chit chatting with colleagues it offers so much more than a cup of coffee and a good heart to heart. With discussions, shares, polls, praises, groups and external networks, your portal’s social network is now surrounded with loads of rich metadata to find content, discussions, evangelists and more. Now to unfold the mystery – who’s adopting the system with ease, and who might just need a hand over that cup of coffee after all?

Did Yammer Hit You with A Social Hammer – Or Are You Building the Collaboration?

Endless enterprise corporations felt massively hesitant about bringing a social platform into the office. Understandable, it’s like an employer encouraging being on lunch all the time, right? Wrong. Clearly, social collaboration, particularly on intranet portals, has proven to be one of the top tools to encourage portal user adoption and centralized communication, without all the tossed salad of missed emails and old document versions.

With all of its brilliant features, Yammer presents options that draw in the average portal user and truly help find information and spotlight users that have information to share. Now, if I was a suspicious boss, and was afraid everyone was talking about sales down the street, what would I do? Check! Third party products like CardioLog Analytics’ Yammer Reports can present you with the golden key to the social portal door of mystery.

Did We Really Get Our Yammer’s Worth? User Adoption Analytics

Bottom line question regarding any software or product acquired is did I get my investment’s worth? And whether a product costs £5.00 or £50,000, you paid for it so you want it to produce results, right? Well get your Yammer’s worth and find out about User Adoption with analytics. Drawn out in a neat line graph you can see how your total number of users, public and private groups are growing from day to day, or month to month. This’ll give you a better grip on whether the mold is growing on your Yammer platform or user growth. I’m confident you know which is preferable.


Yammer User Adoption growth, based on total users, total public groups, and total private groups.

Huddle Up – Group Activity Analytics

Group Activity Reports can break down the name of each group yammering away, whether it be about cleaning the coffee pot or salary cuts. To top it all off find out who the culprits are that leave the old filters around in the coffee machine with each of their names, how many posts the group has, how many replies, likes, shares and yes even attachments – (i.e. “How to Clean the Coffee Machine to Avoid Cheesing Off Your Office Mates.”) Now you can find out who’s causing all the havoc. On a serious note, if there are issues coming in groups and you want to really get down to the nitty gritty and find out who’s jumping the gun, who’s an expert, who’s confused, and who’s saying what, generate the report and see for yourself. Easy as pie – with coffee, from a clean pot of course.

clip_image004Group Activity reports indicate the name of the group, member names, number of posts, replies, likes, shares and attachments.

Walking on Yammer Water – Finding Your Evangelists: Influential Users Reports

Got a heard of sheep and looking for your best shepherd? Baaaah! Easy. Find the leader of the pack with more analytics, this time with Influential Users Reports. Rounding up your experts is simple, no crook stick required. Click and generate Influential User Reports and find out who’s being followed most by other users.

Knowing who’s leading others to Yammer glory and has others following them will give you a sense of who can really train and enhance the knowledge of others. Once you’ve picked out the evangelists, increase your training and adoption efforts, and with their added feedback and participation, you have people reaching out to others that already have others listening to them. Yammerific.


Influential users report tells you who the most followed users are in your organization’s Yammer platform.

With all this real data at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Yammer it up!

What kinds of social collaboration tools do you find most useful in Yammer?

Which features do you see users working with most?

Tell us what you think with some comments. 



Leora Raivich is the Marketing Manager at Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics, a leading Web Analytics software designed for SharePoint intranets, internet and extranet sites.  She has been a published author since 2002, freelance writer for various organizations, and has worked in the fields of Marketing, Sales and Communications, currently excited to contribute to blogs worldwide with Intlock.

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