Windows XP vs Windows 8.1 – Snap!

This video highlights the benefits associated with moving to a secure and modern operating system.

Microsoft Windows 8 MVP Mike Halsey, kicks off our TechNet WindowUG video series which shows the advantages of moving to modern operating system. This month’s focus is on Snap!

'Many people find they can be more productive working on two documents, or with two websites side by side, so in this video we look at how quickly you can do this in Windows XP when compared to Windows 8.1 (and Windows 7).'

Need help with the transition from Windows XP – 8.1?  there’s an MVA course for that!
With April 8th fast approaching, find out more about ‘Windows XP end of support’ & ‘Get Modern

 The Windows User Group runs nationally in the UK, both online and at F2F events, to provide help and information to business and individuals using Microsoft technologies.  Run by three Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) awardees, Mike Halsey, Chris Rhodes and Andrew Bettany, they encourage everybody to get involved be that asking questions, providing advice and support or attending WindowsUG events and tours.  You can find out more at



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