Windows XP End of Support Notifications

The clock’s been ticking down to the end of Windows XP support for a couple of years now, and as the 8th of April moves ever closer we’re continuing to focus on ensuring everyone is aware of the deadline and their options to remain secure and supported.

To this end, with a month to go until the grand goodbye, Windows XP customers using Home or Professional editions will receive the below official notification on their desktop via Windows Update on March 8th, including a link to our Windows XP End of Support website.

Coupled with this news, today Microsoft have also announced a partnership with Laplink to make available a new free tool, allowing individuals to easily copy files and settings from a Windows XP PC to a device running Windows 7 or newer. Whilst not aimed at business use, if you have family and friends who are yet to make the leap, but you don’t want to be coerced into doing the heavy lifting, this could prove a great halfway house to help ensure the process is hassle free!

For more information on today’s announcements, be sure to take a look at the Windows XP data transfer tool and end of support notifications post on the Windows Experience blog.

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  1. Kazzan says:

    Hello, do you have information what KB will do that? It will be possible to IT staff block this message?

  2. Arturski says:

    It is very important that we are give a choice of blocking this message. I can understand this is appropriate for the home user but businesses should be given a choice to opt out. Could we please have the details of the Update package it will come in?

  3. FiRe says:

    We definately need to know what update this is going to be in for businesses to block. Why should the user know when they can do nothing anyway?

  4. Alex Guy says:

    Hi Kazzan and Arturski. The KB # is 2934207. The update is not going to be made available via WSUS so there should not be any impact on WSUS/SCCM/Intune managed PCs.

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