Introducing Ed Baker– Inquisitive, Acquisitive and Honourable

 Introducing the newest addition to our TechNet UK team, Ed Baker! As from March onwards Ed will be an infrastructure Technical Evangelist for the Microsoft UK IT Pro Team.

Expect to see Ed out on the road with @Deepfat soon, hosting upcoming IT Camps up and down the country, we may even be able to grab his thoughts and daily yarns for the blog!

We caught up with Ed just before he starts to ask him our TechNet 10 Questions. Hopefully this’ll give you a little Ed-insight to the man who's thirsty for knowledge, partial to a Pina Colada and is a tad jealous of Batman’s bike.

10 TechNet Questions

Q1. What's your name and where do you come from?
Ed Baker, Solihull, West Midlands (now In Redditch, Worcestershire)

Q2. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Inquisitive, acquisitive (for knowledge), honourable

Q3. Current favourite gadget?
Chorus PV monitor, it measures how much electricity the solar panels generate and export to the grid. 

Q4. What would we find if we asked you to empty out your pockets?
Normally just a wallet, my pet hate as a trainer (or student) is trainers / teachers / presenters fiddling with the contents of their pockets – especially if the contents are noisy. My grown up children ensure that there is rarely any loose change or even notes left in the house when they leave! 

Q5. If you were on a desert island, which 3 items would you take with you?
Factor 50 Sun Block, Bottomless Pina Colada and The Encyclopaedia Britannica (Note: this all changes if there is power and tech is allowed!) 

Q6. First Microsoft product, favourite current product?
- First MS Software was MSDOS 3.2 in 1988 (on the Amstrad PC1640)
- Favourite current product is without doubt the Arc Mouse Touch

Q7. What did you want to do when you were little?
I was going to be an army officer and jump out of planes! 

Q8. We've got our Microsoft MVA Hero campaign kicking off in February.. If you could be any superhero, which one would you like to be and why?
Batman purely for his motorcycle. If you accept that he is indeed a superhero, the debate still rages on.  

Q9. What are you looking forward to in Technology?
I think technology in transport has a long way to go, particularly on two wheels. I have sat-nav and Bluetooth to my helmet for telephone etc. But a head up display in the visor must be around the corner soon

Q10. Embarrassing Tech Moment?
Too many to mention, probably clicking the finish button and causing desolation and destruction somewhere on the network. (Thank goodness for Backups) 

QX. How did you skill up to make us notice?
(Ok…. We’ve cheated and asked an extra Q, but as our blog focus this month is all about Careers, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to get some extra insight and career advice from Ed himself) 

“I’ve had a long and varied track record over the years, from Military and Police service to Project management and IT Consultant, ending up, before becoming a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, running my own consultancy and training business. The factors that have been constant are the desire to learn and passion in what you do. I’m not satisfied unless I’m learning something new, or learning from mistakes.

Part of my previous role was as a trainer of IT apprentices, where it’s not just technology that needs to be learned, but real-world work-wise behaviours. Again at the bottom of all this is, with so many people of all ages out there wanting the job you have applied for, you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. When young this is not easy and an immediate marker is certification in your chosen field.

So a good CV, a sensible interview, passion, willingness to learn and above all distinguish yourself from the crowd. It also helps to get involved in the community, whether that be online, at user groups or as part of one of the Microsoft programmes.”

To find out more about Ed by follow him on

Twitter, or why not read his blog for all things infrastructure! Please feel free to reach out and welcome Ed to the team in the comments section below.

Are you interested in progressing your IT Career with Microsoft Technology like Ed has??
Why not come along to one of our IT Career evenings in London and find out how, hear from Ed, Andrew and the rest of the IT Pro Team. For more info on how to register for the events and extra advice, check out Andrew’s Careers advice for the IT Professional post. Also, keep your eye out for our MVA Hero Campaign, coming soon!

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  1. Chris Rhodes says:

    Good luck with the new job!
    Looking forward to seeing you at events soon.

  2. Angela Cataldo says:

    Amazing new job Ed ..good luck and looking forward to reading your new style blog and hopefully will be able to attend some events in the future where you are presenting

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