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On the Fourth day of Geekmas, my true love gave to me….. Four Jolly Nerds!

Welcome to the Fourth day of our ‘Twelve Days of Geekmas’ competition.

We're getting closer and closer to our final few days of the Geekmas competition, and we've got some great prizes left to give away!

Yesterday our true love gave away, ‘Five old things'. Were you one of our five lucky winners? Find all winning entries here.



Today's competition is for both IT Pro and Developer, sponsored by Azure. We've got four nifty Azure branded helicopters to help with your cloud journey.

To enter,  we've three small rules for you:

1. Follow @TechNetUK

2. Register for an Azure Trial and take a screenshot of your azure portal

2. Tweet @TechNetUK with your Azure Portal screenshot, using the hashtag #Geekmas



We’ve Four TechNet goodies up for grabs today… Four lucky winners will win the following:

- An Azure branded Helicopter

- A Microsoft Arc Mouse

All entries from 09:30 - 23:59 on Tuesday 17th will be considered, however only four winning entries will be decided by the team and announced on this page at approx. 09:30 Wednesday 18th.

Our Lucky Winners:

Our four Jolly Nerds who will be the lucky recipients of an Azure helicopter and Arc Mouse are below. They 'flew' rings around the competition!





Congratulations to todays winners, we'll be in touch via Twitter.



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