Competition: The Twelve Days of Geekmas – Six Geeks-a-Playing

Please note: Competition now closed

On the Sixth day of Geekmas, my true love gave to me….. Six Geeks-a-Playing!

Welcome to the Sixth day of our ‘Twelve Days of Geekmas’ competition.

We’ve got Lego galore today, with a SQL Server twist courtesy of today’s sponsor Fusion-io!

The Fusion-io team have set up shop in the Microsost Research Center (MTC) all day today, to coincide wit the challenge. Follow them on twitter here for live updates throughout the day.

Yesterday our true love gave away, ‘Seven Sans-a-Spinning’. Were you one of our Seven lucky winners? Find all winning entries here.


We've let Fusion-io decide the challenge today, they’ve chosen a SQL question for you, but with four possible answers!

All you have to do is comment directly below this post, with the answer -  a), b), c) or d). 

Please only choose one answer (winner chosen at random).

Question: Which of these options is most relevant in ensuring consistently high transaction rates in a performant SQL OLTP workload?

a)      Adequate IOPS

b)      Adequate Bandwidth

c)       Low Latency

d)      All of the above


We’ve Six TechNet bundles up for grabs today, we hope your a lego fan!… Six lucky winners will win the following:

- A limited edition Fusion-io Lego ioDrive2 set (for the kid in you)


- 2x Lego Hero Factory kits (for the kid in your house)



All entries from 09:30 - 23:59 on Friday 13th will be considered, however the 6x winning entries will be decided by the team and announced on this page at 09:30 Monday 16th.

Our winners today are: 




J. Ohlin


please get in contact by emailing with the subject heading 'Day 6 Geekmas'



imageLego Hero Factory: Brain attack

You guessed it, lots of Lego! If your a fan of shoot-em-up’s this is a truly great official app.

The Hero Factory needs your help. Can you be its greatest defender? Download for free here, if your a fan, give it a rating!


Geekmas instructions here.

T&C’s found here.


Good luck,

The TechNet Team


Comments (45)

  1. ThomMck says:

    Wow, this is by far the most exciting Geekmas prize so far! My kids are Lego crazy at the moment, we even have the Lego Advent calendar 😀

    I'm going to go for

    d) All of the above

  2. Chris Thomson says:

    Has to d

  3. Chris Nelis says:

    I'm guessing D.

  4. Roy Gore says:

    I say D also

  5. clubbedseal says:

    has to be D

  6. JFoushee says:

    D. I can only imagine an environment like that. 🙂

  7. D Syrett says:

    It must be D

  8. liveotherwise says:

    I'm going D.

  9. AlphonsoDeLard says:

    Has to be D

  10. smogit says:


    (trying again as I was not logged it the first time and the comment seems to have gone)

  11. KevBoyle says:

    Can only be D

  12. JChui says:

    D. Entering for the "kid in the house"… Sure… xP

  13. Hugh Wood says:

    Well one would surmise that D would be the answer that is expected.

  14. Justin from Fusion says:

    @JFoushee – No need to imagine! 🙂

  15. Ed Baker. says:

    So tempting to buck the trend but will also go with D.

  16. Curtis Parfitt-Ford says:

    The answer is most certainly D. 🙂

  17. ChiraagSwaly says:

    My Nephew would love this!

    I go for D

  18. Anonymous says:

    On the Fifth day of Geekmas, my true love gave to me….. Five old things!
    Welcome to the Fifth

  19. Anonymous says:

    On the Fourth day of Geekmas, my true love gave to me….. Four Jolly Nerds!
    Welcome to the Fourth

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