How ‘noughtie’ is your business?



 Guest blog by Steven Woodgate, Social Media Community Manager at Microsoft.


 Microsoft are asking this question. Seriously.

The noughties was the decade of reality TV, annoying ring tones and ridiculously baggy jeans. Social media turned your private life into a soap opera and MP3s pretty much killed the CD collection.

For an IT professional, the early noughties meant Data Centres the size of a house (or two), Servers were as loud as downtown on a Saturday night and Sever virtualisation/enterprise cloud were at that time ‘The New Kids on the Block’ - far from the noisy teenagers they are today!

Oh, and can you remember your modem’s dial-up tone? Annoying wasn’t it?

Time has moved on, so has technology and it’s time for everyone to take advantage of modern innovation.

Alarmingly many businesses are still working with the same technologies as when X Factor first started to annoy us. These businesses have not escaped the ‘noughties’ mentality.

Are you remembering the noughties, or are you still working in them?

With End of Support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 in April next year, we wanted to give businesses some nostalgic sentiment regarding all the things that made us great in the noughties: floppy disks, Bluetooth headsets, Britney Spears and Big Brother.

But now, modern technology can help businesses really progress and provide a level playing field for businesses of all sizes. Whether that is using devices, using the latest operating system and productivity suites, or ditching the Bluetooth headset and using video conferencing.

It’s time to celebrate in what modern technology can do for businesses and how it can make a BIG difference. Check out the ‘Battle of the Noughtiest Business’ video and tell us what you think.

Then use our quiz to see how ‘noughtie’ your business is.

Plus, we’re throwing a ‘Happy Retirement Windows XP’ party, we hope you can join us.




Take the ‘How noughtie is your business’ quiz here.



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