How to convince your boss to let you attend SQLRelay..


Why is it so hard to get time off for training? It can be hard, because there is a cost associated with a training event. However, whilst SQLRelay offers free training, you may still need some help to explain the value of SQLRelay to your boss.  Here are some useful reasons you can provide when you ask for the time to attend a SQLRelay event, and we hope to see you there!

Here are some signs that your organisation needs to send you to SQLRelay…

  • You’re fed up of paying contractors or consultants to do things for you
  • You’re starting new projects in the short to medium term, and want to be as prepped as possible to make the project a success
  • You’re buying new hardware rather than performance tuning properly. You need tips and tricks to do that in the latest versions of SQL Server, but need pointers where to start
  • You are suffering from a data deluge, and are thinking of taking a step back to evaluate your architecture, and perhaps considering Big Data technologies

 Well, lots of conferences can give you that! Let’s look at why SQLRelay isn’t like other conferences…

  • It’s free and it’s near you. You aren’t coming to us: Microsoft team members, and world experts, are giving SQL Server advice in your area – for free
  • We don’t hang around playing golf or other ‘networking’ events. SQLRelay attendees turn up and just learn about SQL Server for the day.  If your boss doesn’t believe you, ask them to look at the SQLRelay website.  There aren’t any ‘after event party’ pictures - just people listening to speakers
  • Free consultancy. Come along and ask Microsoft and the expert speakers about your problems. That’s what they’re there for. Come along and meet people who eat, live and breathe SQL Server all day long.
  • A ‘sense check’ of your SQL Server strategy. Come and attend SQLRelay in order to get an understanding if your organisation’s strategy on data is in line with Microsoft’s strategy. Also, learn about the new tools and techniques for business users that are coming out of Microsoft
  • SQL Server technologies have had a paradigm shift.  Join us at SQLRelay in order to learn about the range of SQL Server technologies that are available to your organisations. In other words, make the most of your SQL Server licenses!

 How SQLRelay can make things easier for people who don’t attend…..

  • Attendees get access to a lot of the presenter material, for free. This means that they can come back and share their learning with the rest of the team
  • Get performance tuning techniques that can save you money on hardware.
  • Learn whether technologies are worth getting. What’s worth paying for and how can it improve things for everyone else?

To summarise, attending a free training event, given by Microsoft and world-experts, is an excellent investment of your organisation’s time, resources and energy. SQLRelay is coming to a location near you. Come and join us: learn, and get help with your SQL Server issues, for free. We look forward to seeing you there!

 About SQLRelay

SQLRelay is a series of day-long conferences held around the UK by local community organisers.  Each event covers a wide range of SQL Server related content delivered by expert speakers from around the world.  In its fourth iteration, it’ll be appearing in a city near you during November. For more details consult

  • 11th Nov – Reading
  • 12th Nov – Southampton
  • 13th Nov – Cardiff
  • 14thNov – Birmingham
  • 15thNov – Hemel Hempstead
  • 25thNov – Newcastle
  • 26thNov – Manchester
  • 27thNov – Norwich
  • 28thNov – Bristol
  • 29thNov – London

Help spread the word by getting in touch with us via -  Twitter  @SQLRelay2013 - Facebook/SQLRelay2013 or via LinkedIn


  Event Speaker: Jen Stirrup - Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - SQL Server


Jen is best-known for her work in Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation. She is Joint Owner of Copper Blue Consulting, delivering business-critical solutions that add enterprise value in addition to provisioning technical integrity. Jen is a Director-At-Large (Elect) for the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS) organisation, holding the EMEA seat. Jen is also a current holder of the SQL Server ‘Most Valuable Professional’ Award (MVP) who has also won the SQLPASSion Award, presented by PASS at Summit 2012, for her work in helping the European SQL Server community. Jen has presented at a variety of world-class events including TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics Conference, SQL Live! 360 and SQLBits, along with SQLSaturday events throughout Europe and the United States.



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