#TechNetTidy – The good, the bad and the dangerous.

Last month, we at Microsoft were acting good on our monthly theme of sprucing up over the summer.

I personally was cleaning in and around my desk, which seemed to be a larger job than first thought, mostly down to the jungle of warped wires which had accrued between my monitor, laptop and other desk appliances.

This being just around the same time we were thinking of competition idea’s we could run to provide you guys and girls a few freebies - the #TechNetTidy idea was born.

A small fun competition kicked off through our social channels this month, giving you the chance to share with us and the world wide web an insight into your technical room heaven or hell, and of course to win a few Microsoft goodies along the way.

Two awards were up for grabs -

1. The not so tidy - ‘Chaotic Cabled Colin’.

2.  The perfectly organised - ‘Super Server Sammy’.

Type 1 - Chaotic Cabled ColinType 2 - Super Server Sammy

The results for this month are in *Drum Roll Optional*…

Firstly, a big shout out to all who entered.. we had some great entry's this month - less super servers than we expected, more server room nightmares. An honourable mention goes out to this month’s mascot 'Dangerous Brian'.

However, after much thought and consideration we agreed upon this month’s winners.




 Chaotic Cabled Colin – Andy Roberts          Super Server Sammy – TechCare UK

 Congratulations, an Exclusive #TechNetTidy T-shirt, and award related goodies are on their way out to both of you in the post.

Anyone who has entered the competition thus far, don’t fear as #TechNetTidy will continue next month, there is still plenty of time to win exclusive goodies, whilst also sharing your server room heaven or hell with us and the TechNet audience.

To find out how you can get involved, or to check out our rules and T&C’s, click here.


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