Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Progress Report (July 2013)

The fifth annual Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) progress report is now available and continues to highlight the year over year advancements in various Microsoft initiatives that share information to foster deeper industry collaboration, increase community-based defenses, and better protect customers.

An article by Dustin Childs - Response Communications Group Manager, looks back upon the year and provides a few highlights from the annual report.

'Over the years, our customers have come to expect a certain regularity and transparency in both our security updates and the guidance that goes with them. One regular piece of communication about our work is a yearly progress report, which provides a look into the program updates and bulletin statistics from the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC). Our report covering July 2012 through June 2013 provides a great look back over the past year and includes some exciting new program updates that will help enhance customer protections in the years to come.'

You can download the report directly here. Or to read more of Dustin Childs’ blog post, click here.

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