Bridge the gap between System Center and VMware environments with the new Veeam MP

If you are a System Center user you will probably want it to be at the heart of your IT, ALL of your IT.  You don’t want to handle several monitoring tools, have to train your people several times… There are situations when this might not be easy, especially when it comes to your virtual environment

What about heterogeneous hypervisors environments?

Hyper-V latest release is a fantastic product, but there is a lot of VMware environments already installed around there, and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

So, how do I handle this with System Center?

System Center comes out of the box with a lot of great features to handle various hypervisors: SCOM can do VMs OS and application monitoring, Orchestrator has an integration pack for VMware, SCVMM can take actions on VMware VMs (create, move,…),etc.

There is a blind spot in System Center though: SCOM cannot monitor the hardware and hypervisor layer of the VMware hosts. So either you have to use another monitoring tool, or you make the most of your investment in System Center…And this is where Veeam MP comes into play.


What is Veeam MP?

Veeam MP (previously known as nWorks) is a SCOM Management Pack that will bring visibility of the VMware host status and health into System Center.

The main feature of Veeam MP for years has been to provide advanced monitoring of the VMware environment in SCOM: hardware, storage and network resources are monitored with more than 200 metrics. The product also comes out of the box with pre-configured alerts, recommended thresholds and a large knowledge base for easy set-up and quick resolutions of most problems.

This provide you the right intelligence to trigger the right actions in Orchestrator and SCVMM. This way you can consolidate your investment in System Center.

Wait, there is more:

Veeam MP 6.0 is coming soon with reporting and decision making functionalities!


Using the new reporting capabilities of System Center 2012, the new release of Veeam MP brings more ways to analyze your infrastructure. (Veeam MP 6.0 is currently in beta and will be available soon)

First, this release will bring capacity planning into System Center: based on your current evolution, when will you need to add a host? When will you need to add storage? What does it take to have your host CPU/memory saturated...
These are the question Veeam MP will help you answer with easy to use dashboards, smart reports allowing you to anticipate the evolutions of your infrastructure.


Analysis Reports and Dashboards will also be part of this new release to provide you with a better understanding of your infrastructure:
What are your top troublemakers VMs?
What are the one that are over-/under-sized?
What is the I/O usage and latency of your datastore?
What are your top 10 resource consuming VMs?
... and you can see all this without leaving your SCOM console, making sure you remain in control of your environment at all time.

These are great tools to make sure you optimize your infrastructure on a continuous basis and anticipate any problem.

Want to get it for free?

Veeam MP 6.0 will be available very soon, and will still be eligible to the MP10P offer: any System Center 2012 customer can get 10 perpetual licenses for free!
Just request yours here:

Download System Center 2012 Here

Hopefully the Veeam MP will make your daily management of heterogeneous environment in System Center an easy, efficient and enjoyable task!

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  1. Aidan Finn says:

    I've deployed this on a customer site. Cracking extension that almost immediately returned value to the customer in question, and it added more value to their OpsMgr installation.  I've heard this over and over from other consultants.

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