Private Cloud Licensing – Made Simple

I’m starting this blog with an intuitive quiz… (exciting I know!).

If you’re building a high density private cloud, do you know which edition of System Center 2012 provides the most efficient option?

What is the licensing minimum initial purchase for Enrolment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) and how many processers does each license cover?

Take the new Private Cloud Licensing MVA Course to discover all you need to know about licensing the Private Cloud. Learn how to license your private cloud; including server management and virtualization, as well as migrating servers to third party hosting companies. Products covered include Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012. Understand how the combination of both provides enterprise class virtualisation, end-to-end service management and deep insight into applications so you can focus more attention on delivering business value to your organisation.


Learn how the four different Windows Server 2012 licensing editions, Datacenter, Standard, Essentials and Foundation, can be optimised depending on your organisation size and your virtualisation needs. The course takes you through Volume licensing, virtual instances, processor capabilities, CAL’s, and much much more. Below is a familiar scenario which illustrates the use rights for a customer running 4 instances of Datacenter in the virtual. The instance running in the physical can only be used to manage the instances of the operating system running in the virtual operating system environment.


System Center 2012 integrates 8 separate component products into one which streamlines the installation and reduces the time it takes to deploy, from days into hours! The Datacenter edition in particular allows for the provisioning of unlimited virtual machines without additional licensing costs. The Datacenter license edition also covers 2 physical processors and allows you to manage unlimited OSEs providing highly virtualised environments with significant cost savings. The System Center 2012 Standard license edition covers 2 physical processors and allows you to manage 2 Operating System Environments.


The course also trains you on how to assign certain licenses to a cloud infrastructure with License Mobility through Software Assurance. Do you know the products eligible for License Mobility? I’ll give you a clue… there’s 6! To gain more knowledge and great training and accreditation on licensing the Private Cloud, start the course here and get your certificate to become a Microsoft Licensing expert!

Be sure to also download a free Evaluation Copy of System Center 2012 sp1 and Windows Server 2012 and have a play with the software.


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