Windows 8 Licensing Made Simple


Whether you want to upgrade your PCs to Windows 8, gain access to exclusive offerings such as Windows 8 Enterprise edition and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, or use Windows with greater flexibility, there is a Microsoft Volume Licensing solution that is right for your organization.

Learn how simple Windows 8 Licensing is when you take the new MVA product Licensing course. This course covers:

· Windows 8 editions - identifying the type of user for each edition

· Consumerization of IT and today’s tech savvy trends

· Review the channels through which these editions can be purchased

· The licensing and flexibility of Windows 8 Licensing and go into more detail on various editions

· Companion Device Licensing

· Several typical real life customer scenarios that gives you realistic business situations where Windows 8 licensing is applied

I can’t promise Licensing is made exciting, but I can promise that it is made very simple whether you have basic or expert knowledge it is extremely handy.

Here we see the channels through which Windows 8 is made available. For example, Windows RT is only available through the OEM channel as a pre-configured system on certified hardware. It offers users a consistent Windows experience.




Did you know that you can purchase upgrade licenses through a Volume Licensing program to gain access to Windows 8 Pro? Upgrades are available through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs for small to midsize organizations such as Open License, Open Value, Open Value Subscription or Select Plus.

From the Eligible Professional Grade Offerings with Windows 8 Pro, learn how to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility available through the various Volume Licensing Programs. Especially important is the availability of Software Assurance for our Windows Desktop operating systems designed to enable customers to implement new flexible work style scenarios.

Understand how there is increased value with Software Assurance. In addition to new version rights, SA provides exclusive access to enterprise offerings, such as Windows 8 Enterprise edition and to the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP).

SA offers greater flexibility for how customers use Windows. For example there is a new use right called Windows To Go, allowing employees to access a corporate image running Windows 8 Enterprise from a bootable USB.


Qualifying operating systems - Properly licensed Microsoft operating systems (such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP) have either a full operating system (OS) license or the combination of an upgrade operating system license and a pre-existing, full operating system license. Only certain editions of the Windows operating system qualify for upgrades under Volume Licensing agreements.

If your OS license qualifies, you can purchase the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade license, under your Volume Licensing agreement. It is important to understand that Windows licenses that are available through Volume Licensing are upgrade-only licenses and can only be acquired on top of a base OS license.

To learn more, take the assessment, print your certificate and become a certified licensing expert for Windows 8 just like that!

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