Competition: 12 Days of Geekmas– Day 11 More great prizes!

Only a day until the really big competition day… things are hotting up fast and we’re getting really festive but geek style!!! Do you have a video camera, camera phone or camera to the ready… you’re going to need it today!


Terms & Conditions for the 12 Days of Christmas


With either a phone, camera or video camera and wearing your geekiest tshirt go out and film as many people’s reactions as possible when you ask them “Windows 8 was my idea – What do you think?” – Upload the videos and leave the links to them in the comments on today competition page. 

We will be giving 2 luck winners a Sony Video Camera, a TechNet Toolkit, a private cloud book, a Windows 8 Mug and a Windows 8 pen.

Winners will be announced on Monday

Comments (6)

  1. Ed Baker says:

    Grrrr wish I had a WP8 phone, had to reinstall Zune to share the videos, would be much easier with a Sony Video Camera!!

    Finally uploaded to SkyDrive– some there with more to come before midnight, not many people about on a sunday

    The Geeky T Shirt is the ultimate geek one – Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock!

    ed at

  2. says:

    Just too busy today to give this one a shot, my company for most of the day was my 9 month old son who didn't seam that impressed when I was trying to tell him that Windows 8 was my idea…

  3. Ed baker says:

    Not a second entry, just ensuring that the skydrive link was ok.

    Ed at  Stuck indoors with family all day so not many posted. T shirt is geeky honest

    Rock Paper Scissors lizard Spock…..

  4. Jangid says:

    People don't want to be recorded but managed to talk few.

  5. says:

    Just waiting for mine to finish uploading…

  6. says:

    Ok, here's my video!

    I couldn't get anyone to agree to me recording and uploading video of me talking to them while I was out, so I made something slightly different…

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