Competition: 12 Days of Geekmas Day 9

Things are hotting up and we’re getting ever close to day 12 and the big prizes! Each day we’re getting bigger and better prizes but the challenges are getting harder… Some of you struggled a little with figuring out yesterdays competition answers so we’ll try not to make it too hard for you today…

Terms & Conditions for the 12 Days of Christmas


Today it’s all about having fun and getting into the festive spirit with Microsoft… How you choose to do that is entirely up to you… What you need to submit is a link to a photograph of you doing something festive with Windows technology (that could be Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server you name it) let your imagination run wild.  The 4 most amusing photographs as judged by our panel will win.

Up for grabs are a copy of SQL Server Pocket Consultant, a Windows 8 Mug and Windows 8 Pen.

To keep us amused and share the fun with your friends why not tweet us the photo or share it with us on Facebook. All photo’s on Twitter, Facebook or via a link in the comments to this post will count as entries.


Winners from 20th

The following 5 people have each won a signed copy of Mike Halsley’s Windows 8 Out of the Box Book, an MSDN Moleskin Notebook, a Windows 8 Mug and Windows 8 Pen

  1. Andrew Westgarth – Well done you managed to get the most correct answers! You know your MVP’s really well!
  2. Tom Robinson – You managed to work out who wrote 40 books and linked to them Nice work as you got more books than most.
  3. Preeti – One of each really isn’t bad although you were missing Peter & Dave’s surnames… (Foot & Sussman fyi Smile )
  4. RakeshH – Nice work you managed to find one book for each – although Preeti got there before you!
  5. It was a close run thing for 5th place!

There were a few entries after the deadline – sorry folk you do need to get your entries in before midnight. Keep trying though as we have 4 more competitions to go!


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