Competition: 12 Days of Geekmas – Day 7

A week into the 12 Days of Geekmas and we have already given away loads of great prizes! Today is no different!


To enter today’s competition you need share your top tips relating to Windows Server 2012 in the comments on this competition page along with your email address so that we can let you know if you win.  Never used Windows Server 2012 before?  Why not take a look at the TechNet Library or Windows Server 2012 product pages to find out more.   There will be 6 winners in today’s competition as there are only 6 days left until Geekmas Day!

Each of today’s winners will get a Windows 8 laptop sleeve, a Windows 8 USB spider, a Windows 8 Mug and Windows 8 pen.  (Yes we’ve gone a bit Windows 8 mad in terms of prizes today!!!)

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Winners from Tuesday

Yesterday we had plenty of you enter the competition and here are the 7 winners:

  1. Richard van Aken
  2. Rich Costall
  3. M Steel
  4. James Millar
  5. Neil Hillen
  6. Matt Hughs
  7. Chiraag Swaly

If you see your name on today’s list then drop a mail to with your name, email address and postal address and we’ll send you your prize.

Comments (6)

  1. Lee Phillips says:

    My top Server 2012 tip is to get the Windows 8 RSAT installed and configure your server groups in Server Manager. This lets you quickly monitor your servers, and the groupings help you keep it all organised. For example, I keep all my Hyper-V machines in a group together, and my VMs are all grouped by what cluster they belong to. I also have a separate group for all my core services (ADDS, DHCP etc).

  2. says:

    When connected to Windows Server 2012 via remote desktop ensure you have the option set to send keyboard shortcuts through (under local resources) to ensure you can use all your favorite shortcuts for example Windows key+I for Settings, Windows key+C for Charms, Windows key+Q for Search or Windows key+X for Power Users.


  3. Ed Baker says:

    The Hardest task yet. there are SO many reasons to give for this being the Best Server OS yet. My top five are

    IPAM, Fine Grained passwords, Hyper-V replicas, Managing Multiple Servers using Server manager, Teaming network cards. (for LOTS more detail see here

    ed at

  4. Chiraag Swaly says:

    If you havent already started using Windows Server 2012 then get the trial at:

    You can change the refresh interval on Server Manager to 1 minute if you wanted more up-to-date data. For real time information you could also integrate System Center solutions.

    Use PowerShell ISE to leverage the power of PowerShell. You can also use the update-help cmdlet to get updated help in PowerShell. Also use PowerShell Web Access.

    Use cool features such as data Deduplication It can save you loads of money on your storage solutions. Use the ddpeval.exe tool to check how much storage space you can save.

    Use RSAT with Windows 8 to manage your servers.

    Leverage high availability solutions like clustering. They are available in the Standard edition as well.

    There are many many more great features in WIndows Server 2012

    If you are a seasoned IT Pro and want to have your questions answered on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 then don't miss out the MVA event in January:

  5. ThomMck says:

    The best tip I've found is to get the free e-book "Introducing Windows Server 2012" straight from the horse's mouth (a..k.a  Microsoft Press)…/free-ebook-introducing-windows-server-2012-rtm-edition.aspx

    It basically tells you everything you want to know about what is new about Server 2012 from the business need right to how it can enable a modern workstyle

  6. says:

    For those of you who are Windows Home Server fans then using Windows Server 2012 Essentials as your next server would be an ideal choice.  One of the great features which comes out of the box, but needs enabling and configuring, is media sharing.  You can find out all about how this is done and what your options are here…/windows-server-2012-essentials-tip-enable-configure-media-sharing-144377

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