Competition 12 Days of Geekmas – Day 5

There are only eight days until Christmas now and lots more prizes still up for grabs on TechNet UK and the UK MSDN site!

Today’s Challenge

To enter into today’s competition to win a Windows Server 2012 T Shirt, a Windows 8 Mug and a Windows 8 Pen you will need to share your top Visual Studio 2012 tip or trick with us in the comments area along with your email address on today’s competition page to be in with a chance of winning.

Announcement of Winners

Many of you are probably wondering who has won Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s competitions… Well you’ll find out who has won here – If your name is on the list please drop us a mail to and make sure you send us your full name, postal address, email address and the competition that you have won and we will send out your prizes.


Each of the following people have won: 1 i-Wipey , 1 Windows 8 Mug and 1 Windows 8 Pen. (11)

  1. Andrew Westgarth
  2. Alan Florance
  3. Ian Smedley
  4. Kevin Watson
  5. Thomas Molloy
  6. Chris Weir
  7. Andrew Huey Jeffrey
  8. John Seaman
  9. Sam O’Donnell
  10. Phil Duffey
  11. Frances Sunshine Hopkins



Each of the following people have won: 1 Maglight , 1 Windows 8 Mug and 1 Windows 8 Pen

  1. Mark Pryce-Maher
  2. Ed Baker
  3. Lee Phillips
  4. Jangid
  5. Paul Iddon
  6. Alan Parr
  7. Jimmy Larkin
  8. Joshiah Sal
  9. Preeti



Each of the following people have won: 1 Atari T Shirt , 1 Windows 8 Mug and 1 Windows 8 Pen (9)

  1. Mark PM
  2. Kev Johnson
  3. Robin Cook
  4. Peggs
  5. Gary Pretty
  6. Chris Hyndman
  7. And Jeffrey
  8. David Hood
  9. John Seaman
Comments (11)

  1. Gaijintendo says:

    If the preview of files thing is annoying you and slowing things down:

    Use Quick launch search, look for 'Preview' and make sure 'Solution Explorer' is not selected on the resulting pane.

    Made things snappier on my little machine!

  2. Lee Phillips says:

    I don't do too much in VS and it's not exactly tied just to Visual Studio 2012, but my top tip is to make full use of the bookmark window.

    I find it really easy to get lost within my code, so it's really good to have all the key sections labelled up.

  3. Lee Phillips says:

    Sorry, forgot to add my email.

    Its leephillipsatlivedotcom

  4. says:

    If you're doing any web development then the Web Essential 2012 extension is a must!

  5. Jangid says:

    Visual Studio is my favorite tool – there are a lots of the tips but I'll recommended Productivity Power Tools – you can download it within visual studio Extension Manager.

  6. Ed Baker says:

    Two best features for me are the ability to design and build Windows Store apps and the use of Microsoft Test Manager to effectively plan and run all your application testing from within Visual Studio, now a one stop shop!

    Ed at

  7. says:

    The new feature in Visual Studio 2012 that I like is 'Quick Launch'.  This is located in the top right of the IDE and you can get to it by pressing Ctrl+Q.  Once there you can search for a launch any menu item you want. Awesome!

  8. says:

    Also, my email is

  9. Hold ctrl down to temporarily turn off intellisense to see what's underneath.



  10. John Seaman says:

    Basic but a real time saver.  If you want to delete a line, don’t select all of it first, just press CTRL-x

    john (underscore) seaman (at) ymail (dot) com

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