TechDays Online 2012 Session Video’s Now Available

Here are the session video’s for each of the sessions from TechDays Online 2012.

Day 1

Session 1 - Introduction to Windows Server 2012

We start by taking a look into the Next Generation File Server that is built into Windows Server 2012. We have lots of features powered by SMB3 which we will also take a look at.

Day 1 Session 1


Session 2 – Multi Server Management

Andrew and Simon take a look at the ability to manage lots of different servers as if they are the same server.

Day 1 Session 2


Session 3 -  Virtual Machine Mobility

We see how Andrew and Simon showed lived and in action how to move virtual machines around inside an environment.

Day 1 Session 3


Session 4 - Networking Enhancements

In this session we explore new ways to ensure availability and uptime with features like Hyper-V replica and DHCP failover. We also take a look at how to manage the quality of service that is available to particular network connections inside of our organisations and inside of virtual environment and also inside our physical environment!

Day 1 Session 4


Session 5 - Windows Azure for the IT Pro

This session puts some context behind terms like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It then heads in to the IaaS territory with a discussion of the specific features of VMs in Azure.

Day 1 Session 5


Session 6 - Virtual Networks and Active Directory

To deploy AD Domain Controllers in Azure, you need a Virtual Network, so that's what we cover here and then head off in to what specifics you need to configure to get a DC running.

Day 1 Session 6


Session 7 - DIT and Azure AD

We just finished off the Domain Controller section here with a discussion of where to place the DIT. Then we head off in to a new preview feature called Windows Azure Active Directory and highlight how it's different to a Domain Controller in the cloud.

Day 1 Session 7


Session 8: Deployment, VM Availability & SharePoint in the Cloud

We finish the afternoon with a discussion about the high availability features, service level agreements and ways of deploying a complete SharePoint infrastructure in the cloud.

Day 1 Session 8


Day 2

Session 1 - Windows 8 and VDI

Understand how changes to VDI, Direct Access and VPN make your admin life easier.

Day 2 Session 1


Session 2 - Delivering Windows 8 Apps

The ability to deploy applications and Windows 8 as an Operating System.

Day 2 Session 2


Session 3 -  Virtualisation Inside Windows 8

We take a look at Hyper-v inside Windows 8 and what the requirements are, the benefits of App-V and User Experience Virtualisation.

Day 2 Session 3


Session 4 - Windows To Go

Explore new anywhere working possibilities with Windows To Go.

Day 2 Session 4


Session 5 - Private Cloud in the Afternoon

Understand what it takes to build a private cloud that can automatically scale, self-provision and ensure quality of service through user-centric request management process.

Day 2 Session 5


Session 6 - Operations Manager

How to automate everything and anything using Orchestrator and how to monitor this completely, right down to the application level, with Operations Manager.

Day 2 Session 6


Session 7 - App Controller and Data Protection Manager

Day 2 Session 7
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